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Business Thinking Institute Launches Online Resource Center for Small and Midsize Companies


Princeton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2014 -- The Business Thinking Institute, the organization dedicated to serving small and midsized businesses, their vendors and influencers, today launched an Online Resource Center (

The Business Thinking Institute Online Resource Center is focused on helping small and midsize businesses (SME/SMB/Midmarket/Middle market ) become more successful. The Institute has a huge website with several components:

1.the content portion is like Google on steroids (content on one's challenges on Page 1);
2.the Business Tools section is like having a library of consultant tools at their beck and call;
3.the Resources section has a huge collection of resources from around the globe;
4.the Community section is like having one's own 'brain trust'; and,
5.the Vendor Directories (sister website at is like having one's own trade show that is always open.

When one register, they get their very own Mi Page customized to their challenges. It is like their own post-it that reminds them, cheers them on and brings the latest help right to them.

The Institute has collected over 10,000 pieces of content and resources to help SMBs, their vendors and influencers. Whether they are with a small or midsize company, a vendor or capital provider to these companies or an influencer with an interest in these companies, they will find the site useful. Government officials, academics, members of the media, associations of professionals or industries and union officials will find useful information on the website. Additionally, they will be able to access midmarket-specific events, experts, communities of interest and a marketplace of vendors, all devoted to small and midsize companies.

With the launch of its Online Resource Center, The Business Thinking Institute seeks to become even more of a dedicated ally to midsized companies, helping them to overcome their toughest business challenges, which will benefit everyone in the sector, from company owners to the companies themselves and their suppliers, advisors, capital providers, influencers and job seekers.

In recognizing the distinctive combination of challenges and objectives for each midsized company, the Institute also developed a taxonomy, or systematic classification, that defines the associated challenges and uniqueness of each company, from limited market opportunities, pricing power, resources and negotiating leverage to capital access, competing with low cost foreign companies and with large companies. The entire site – the content, communities, tools, events and vendor directories – are structured around that taxonomy.

SMB executives who visit Midmarket can identify their top challenges when they join, with their own page to track and get help for their specific challenges, as well as provided content, tools, experts, events, communities of interest and vendor solutions for each of their challenges. As new solutions are added for their challenges, they get alerted right away.

“By helping more midmarket companies to succeed, we seek to create wealth for their owners, sustainable jobs in the economy and vibrant communities around them.” says Ram V. Iyer, President of the Business Thinking Institute. Anyone can follow the Business Thinking Institute on twitter (@BizThinkingBiz), on facebook (BusinessThinkingCOM) and (BusinessThinking).

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The Business Thinking Institute, the first independent organization and portal devoted exclusively to helping small and midsize businesses with content, tools, events, community tools and vendor directories. The objective of the Institute is to foster greater understanding, collaboration and commerce among and between small and midsize companies and those that support them. Through its online presence at, in-person events, publishing, sponsored research and advocacy, the Institute is committed to helping small and midsize companies become more successful.


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