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Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- This edition of Business VoIP Review takes a look at highly recommended high-performance Adtran VoIP gateways and adapters.

About Adtran VoIP Gateways

Adtran products set the bar for high performance and also come at affordable rates – making them a preferred VoIP phone system solution for business telecoms on any scale.

From the Experts:

“Adtran is all about high performing networks, and the fact that their solutions are affordable puts them in a class of their own as preferred telecom solutions for business applications on any scale." – Yaron Ram, Principal at

Recommended Products:

Adtran TA 904 IP Business Gateway (Adtran TA 904 IP Business Gateway is an ideal solution to add VoIP services to a legacy PBX. It converts VoIP services to a T1 or PRI interface. It can also provide 4 FXS/analog line ports).

Discounts and free shipping may also be available on some Adtran models; please inquire with customer service.

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