Businesses Analyzing Holiday Gift Ideas Find That Educational Booklets Receive Compliments


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2012 -- Many business owners are brainstorming on what to select in the remaining few weeks before the holidays as a gift for their clients or customers. Because of the economy cost is important as well as longevity of the item.

The holidays are quickly approaching and businesses are looking for something unique to send out that will be something their customers will both find useful and wish to keep. Due to the universality of stress which can destroy energy, motivation and joy, a stress reduction booklet with effective tools for daily coping reaches a great number of customers in any business.

The tips that can be found in “How to Stay Balanced during Stressful Situations,” by licensed social worker, Dee Cohen , give readers on the spot breathing exercises, meditation techniques , yoga stretches and psychological insights to apply in many situations that arise in the course of one's day. These can include dealing with coworkers, anxiety before presentations, student test stress, relationship tensions and family dynamics.

Employees should also be included in considering gifts for the holidays. Tina Pries from Stafford Suites Senior Living Community said, "The booklets were a hit! The staff really seemed to enjoy getting something that would be helpful to them." Remember that employees are trying to juggle work, family life and finances and can often be overwhelmed.

On online forums, business owners are seeking ways to expand from the typical gift ideas of calendars, chains, pens to something that will reach someone in a meaningful way. Choosing an educational booklet is something that gives value and can be shared with family members and friends. Renewing one's energy and learning daily coping skills which aren't taught in school is the goal of the stress reduction booklet.

"Business owners are finding that educational gifts are more meaningful than receiving a pen or a refrigerator magnet as it helps their clients and customers with tools for daily living." says Dee Cohen, the author of the stress booklet.

"A number of health practitioners have noticed that their clients need stress management tools between sessions and told me that this booklet help their clients keep their equanimity." stated Dee Cohen, LCSW a licensed social worker and yoga teacher who created the booklets based on her years of experience as a counselor.

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