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Businesses Choose Radiant Communications Corporation to Enhance Security Systems with Video Encoders


South Plainfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2016 -- Local companies are encouraged to explore the HD video encoders available via Radiant Communications Corporation's website to optimize the functionality of their analog CCTV video surveillance systems. Interested customers can rest assured that the company has proven its expertise and market leadership by distributing thousands of dependable systems throughout the country since 1985. The innovative HD video encoders, which are also referred to as video servers, allow users to experience the advantages of network video without having to dispose of existing analog equipment, including CCTV cameras and coaxial cabling.

By connecting to an analog video camera through a coaxial cable and converting analog video signals into streams of digital video, both wired or wireless IP-based networks are able to receive those streams thanks to HD video encoders. To record and/or view the digital video, PCs and computer monitors can be used in place of DVRs, VCRs and analog monitors. HD video encoders enable the accessibility and control of a wide variety of analog video cameras over an IP network, including fixed, indoor/outdoor, dome, pan/tilt/zoom, highly sensitive thermal cameras and microscopic cameras. The effective safeguard of local companies will certainly be enhanced when individuals choose to incorporate HD video encoders with their security systems.

Radiant Communications Corporation strives to design and manufacture only the best communication products to transport data, video and audio over high-speed internet, Ethernet and fiber optic cables. The company's video, audio and communications systems are used worldwide by cable television companies, broadcast television networks, telecommunications firms, and private and government institutions and facilities. Through Radiant Communications Corporation's innovative technology, businesses are provided with affordable solutions for the transmission of virtually any signal. Learn more about HD video encoders, MPEG2 video encoders and a slew of other products by visiting their website or calling 1-888-412-0124 today.

About Radiant Communications Corporation
Radiant Communications Corporation designs and manufactures products that transport data, audio, and video signals through Ethernet cables, fiber optics, and the Internet. Their systems are used throughout the world by a variety of television networks and telecommunication firms, as well as government and private institutes. Founded in 1985, they have created technology that has been used at the New York Stock Exchange, the 1998 Winter Olympics, and a variety of airports. Their staff works closely with the client in designing a product and provide technical support throughout its lifespan.

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