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Homestead, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 -- Many businesses across the United States either have dress codes for the employees or work uniforms that they must wear to perform a variety of tasks. While we often think of medical, security or custodial staff that must wear work uniforms, there are millions of employees who wear work attire that consists of button down shirts and slacks of appropriate colors and styles. While not as readily noticeable, they are work uniforms that employees wear everyday both in the office and on the worksite. To view a large selection of work pants from Best Buy Uniforms click here

Work uniforms constitute a significant part of a company’s budget if they provide them for their employees. Finding ways to provide proper work uniforms that meet company standards while being durable and relatively inexpensive has been no easy task. One clothing manufacturer that has stepped up to meet these requirements is Dickies. Founded in 1992, this clothing manufacturer began providing work uniforms since World War 2.

The history of work clothes in the US can be traced back to their origins in the military. The pride of service as exemplified in the military through the uniform was brought into civilian use to recreate that sense of team spirit. While the work uniforms of businesses and companies are certainly more lenient than their military counterparts, the intention of their use is similar. To build team unity, provide instant brand identification for the company and present an appropriate image to the customer all while being comfortable to wear. These advantages are still in play, especially considering the current economic times.

Today, businesses are looking to cut expenses without sacrificing the advantages that work uniforms brings to their companies. Putting on the work uniform when employed on factory floor, in the warehouse or at the office brings about a more proper mindset to each employee. They have a visual reminder of how they share in the responsibilities and in the success of their company. In this effort, Dickies has an expansive line of work uniforms to include polo shirts along with the traditional short and long sleeve button down versions that reflect today’s times. You can view many options of Dickies shirts at Best Buy Uniforms by clicking on this link

Wearing comfortable clothes anywhere is always preferable. Dickies for example, use durable cotton blends that breathe and are comfortable to wear for employees of all different sizes. Plus, the uniforms are also easy to clean and stain resistant which makes them even more desirable for employees who know they’ll have clean, comfortable attire for the workplace. This helps to save businesses money by having durable work uniforms that last longer and are easy to maintain.

Dickies have a well known reputation for toughness and durability in many different types of work situations. This reputation is serving the company well today as businesses look for answers in cutting costs without sacrificing quality.

There will always be a need for comfortable, appropriate and affordable work uniforms in companies and businesses across the US. In this field, Dickies Work Uniforms have established a well deserved reputation for providing excellent work attire appropriate for the office or job site at affordable prices. To see more Dickies workwear at wholesale prices visit Best Buy Uniforms here

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