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Businesses Go to Keystone Technology Management for Protection from Data Breaches


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2018 -- Since 2001, Keystone Technology Management has specialized in purchasing, reselling, and disposing of off-network and excess IT materials. The company is capable of destroying data and reselling hardware, as well as protecting their customers from threats such as breached data security and loss of financial, legal, and environmental operational efficiency.

Keystone Technology Management's goal is to provide their customers with services that decrease the cost and risks involved with IT asset disposition. Their management team is highly trained and experienced with all of the equipment and technology that they handle. All of their services seamlessly flow together to prevent any breach of data.

Those seeking an e-waste company in New York will benefit greatly from the services that Keystone can provide. It is critical to find the right HIPAA partner to destroy a company's data. This company has an amazing team of professionals that specialize in liquidation services. Keystone ensures that all information on a piece of equipment will be liquidated without a trace, guaranteeing their clients peace of mind throughout the process.

Another manner in which Keystone Technology Management helps their clients is by buying any recently off-network IT hardware. They purchase these items from manufacturers such as Dell, Cisco, Juniper, EMC, HP and many more. Upon receiving the items, they evaluate them according to model type, age, and condition, followed by a proposed offer.

Those who live in New York and are looking to sell their networking equipment need not look any further. Interested parties are directed to call Keystone Technology Management today at 800-419-7176 or visit their website at for more information.

About Keystone Technology Management
Keystone Technology Management is a Langhorne, PA-based company that specializes in the purchase, resale and environmentally friendly disposition of excess and off-network IT equipment. Since 2001, they have served businesses, major corporations and colleges in the Northeast and helped their clients prevent unnecessary threats to financial, legal, environmental and data-related security with secure hardware disposition and data destruction. Keystone Technology Management holds a R2:2013 certification and is consistently compliant with the requisite safety, environmental and data security regulations.

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