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Businesses Increase Employee Retention with Team Building

Philly Hops Team Building Company offers experiential team building programs that help companies build trust and loyalty among employees inspiring higher workforce retention.


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2013 -- Companies across the nation are experiencing previously unheard of difficulties retaining highly skilled professionals. Even in a less than optimal economy, employees are leaving positions in search of greener pastures. Philly Hops, a leading national provider of corporate team building and training, is addressing the needs of corporate America with a wealth of customizable team building events.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a typical employee has been with an employer for 4.6 years, but tenure for millennials is 2.3 years. By 2025, these wanderers will comprise over 75 percent of the total workforce. These employees don’t object to earning a fat paycheck, but if they feel work is impinging on their personal lives and goals, they’ll leave.

“These statistics shed light on the very real problem of employee retention that companies are encountering,” said Philly Hops CEO and founder Betty Robinson. “Highly trained and experienced individuals are voluntarily leaving, increasing the cost of doing business for companies that must expend resources locating and training suitable replacements.”

Today’s employees still seek job security, but they’re citing compensation issues, clashing styles and dead end jobs as the top three reasons for their disaffection. Millennials are eager for new experiences and they’re willing to exit perfectly good jobs to discover those opportunities. Retaining top talent is an uphill battle in an evolving employee culture that places a higher premium on self-realization, flexibility and a more equitable work-life balance.

Philly Hops’ team building programs help employees learn to work to meet challenges and the value of company loyalty and teamwork, while recognizing the contributions and value of the individual. The company offers a variety of programs, events and tools to accomplish those goals, including experiential team building programs like “Chocolate Therapy,”  “Anything Goes Scavenger Hunt,” Grand Prix Slot Car Racing” and the “DiSC Personality Profile”.

After more than 15 years in the business, Philly Hops is acknowledged as one of the premiere team-building firms in the U.S. Multiple programs are available for corporations and businesses that can be customized to accommodate the needs of each client.

Company Bio:

Philly Hops helps clients develop leadership skills and build trust among teams using exciting, interactive, team building programs. Founded in 1998, Philly Hops delivers a diverse catalogue of fun activities through our team of award winning professional facilitators.

To learn how a corporate team building event can help boost your company’s group-esTEAM, visit the Philly Hops website ( ).

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