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Butcher Block Countertops Release Range of Kitchen Accoutrements


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2012 -- The kitchen is the cornerstone of any home. From it comes nourishment that forms the focal point of quality time with family and friends. The kitchen is also a popular destination for people to gather during parties and social events. The kitchen is used every day, and as such, requires a robust design that’s easy to keep clean and organise.

Butcher Block Countertops offer sturdy solutions to kitchen design, with bulky, heavyweight countertops designed for multipurpose usage, while still looking stylish and homely. The site has high quality images and video demonstrations to show how easy it is to buy and install the counters to your pre-existing kitchen, or order them in new shapes to redesign the space.

Further to this, Butcher Block Countertops also offer numerous design options. The site allows you to select from a wide variety of kitchen islands, where the business-end of your kitchen is placed at the heart of the room, allowing the free flow of friends and family all around it. Each page comes with a high quality image of a kitchen installation to inspire consumers and give them a better idea as to what finished products can look like in a home.

Butcher Block offers custom kitchen islands, built from your choice of materials and with your choice of fixtures and features, lighting, and to the dimensions of your choice. Butcher Blocks also offer portable kitchen islands, which create movable or extendable countertops within your kitchen to allow you to create floor space or counter space depending on your needs in a specific situation.

The site also offers advice and inspiration on countertop and kitchen design and the pros and cons of installations. Butcher Block Countertops are highly polished, high quality wood that requires some care and maintenance to be at its best for every occasion, so the site has created several informative posts on the best care options for countertops, helping consumers to make sure the high quality lasts beyond a mere honeymoon period after installation.

Butcher Block Countertops spokesman said of their products, "Butcher block countertops are made of wood with a natural finish. The elegance of butcher block countertops is unmatched. It adds a style statement and enhances the look of a kitchen."

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