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Butt Augmentation Using Fat Transfer Is Explained by Dr Lycka & Dr Schulman

With buttock augmentation surgery the technique of the doctor is crucial for excellent results


Edmonton, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- Butt augmentation, which is also referred to as a butt lift, is a cosmetic surgery procedure which is growing in popularity, across all patient ethnicities, and including men. It can be performed using buttock implants or by extracting a patient’s own unwanted body fat via liposuction. The fat is then processed and injected back into the buttock or hip area as required.

To answer many questions about using fat transfer for butt augmentation, this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on webtalkradio.net, show host, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka, talks with an experienced plastic surgeon in this technique, Dr Matthew Schulman. Dr Schulman is a Board certified plastic surgeon and he performs this procedure on clients from across the USA and also on those who travel from across the globe to his New York practise to have the surgery.

In this in-depth interview, Dr Lycka & Dr Schulman begin by discussing the trends behind the increase in demand for butt augmentation. They then highlight the two alternative methods for a patient to have a buttock augmentation, using either butt implants or by using fat transfer.

Dr Schulman specialises in using the fat transfer technique. He explains step by step what the procedure entails and the benefit of using fat transfer, including the opportunity to provide body sculpting at the same time as extracting the fat with liposuction. Using fat transfer is a very technique dependent procedure in which the skill and technique of the surgeon performing it makes a great difference to the fat survival and the final results achieved for the patients. It does however also provide another opportunity to provide buttock contouring and the shape that a patient wants, rather than just increasing size, which an implant does. The crucial aspects of recovery after the surgery are also talked about and Dr Schulman provides great detail on what a patient can expect during their recovery period.

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