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Buy Back Textbooks Launches with Website and App to Get Students the Best Deal


Jupiter, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2012 -- With tuition fees and student loans rapidly escalating and regularly redefining the all-time high, students are under ever-increasing financial pressure in an economy that is providing them with fewer and fewer opportunities. The need to recoup whatever they can from their college days is more pressing than ever, and Buy Back Textbooks has just been launched to help them make the best return from their old text books. The site enables students to instantly compare buy back rates from all online retailers to find the best price to sell old textbooks, allowing them to see some return on their investment and to cushion their entry into the wider world.

The site works by inviting students to enter the ISBN number of their text book, whereupon it will use a search algorithm to find the price offered by all the different online book retailers and rank them in order of best to worst, allowing students to get an instant portrait of what they can expect to get for the book.

They also have an App for iPhone and Android that makes it easier than ever to sell back textbooks. Users simply scan the barcode then the app instantly performs a search before displaying the best results straight to the mobile device.

A spokesperson for Buy Back Textbooks explained how they came about the innovative solution, “Having watched students spending hours upon hours manually searching through all the major online stores for the best price on a book, only to have to do the same thing all over again for the next book, made it clear to us that there was a market for streamlining this process significantly. As well as launching the online presence, we’re excited to announce our iPhone and Android app, which allows students to quickly find the best value for their books simply by scanning the barcode. What could have taken weeks can now take minutes, and provide newly graduated students with some much needed revenue ahead of their entry into the job market.”

About Buy Back Textbooks
Buy Back Textbooks is the best way for college students to sell back their old textbooks at the best prices. The site compares textbook buy back prices at all the online stores in seconds so students can make sure they get the most possible money for their old textbooks! For more information, please visit: