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Rogue Valley, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2012 -- Each website-owner would like his / her website to rank high on search engines and this is why most of them will choose to buy backlinks instead of trying to build links themselves. The chances of a website to obtain high ranking depend on the ability of the webmaster to build quality backlinks. There are several ways of obtaining backlinks and several types of backlinks, but it is important to understand at first what exactly they are and how they actually help you.

Backlinks- What are they and why does your website need them?

Every website needs to gain popularity in order to rank high on the result list of search engines. In order to gain popularity, it needs links placed on other websites, which point to it (also known as backlinks). This way, visitors on a certain site are directed to the website it links to. The more inbound links (or backlinks) a website has, the more visitors it attracts.

If the backlinks are placed on sites that are ranked high on search engines (meaning that they are trusted sites), then the site that these backlinks point to is also regarded as trustworthy, thus improving its search engine ranking.

Every webmaster in the world is struggling to get his / her website as high in the search engine ranking as possible; this won’t only improve its traffic, bringing in more customers, but will also determine other webmasters to purchase backlinks on this site, generating revenue.

Backlinks- What to look for when buying backlink-services

Marketing 1on1 is specialized in offering backlink- and SEO-services and depending on your company’s budget, you will be able to choose from various service-packages.

The most important thing you should look for when you decide to buy backlinks, is backlink diversity. Diversity means, that you will receive backlinks from various different sources. This will make your site move upwards in the search engine’s ranking.

Let’s say for instance, that you only chose to buy backlinks on a few blogs. These blogs will only address a certain target-group, so your chances of getting as many visitors as possible to your website, are quite low.

However, if you buy backlinks on blogs, governmental websites and social networks, you have at least tripled the number of visitors to your website. And, since it is very important to get many backlinks on different websites, your search engine ranking will improve.

Backlinks- The most effective for any website

There is much debate going on amongst the SEO world, as to what kind of backlinks is more valuable. It is however widely believed that the gov backlinks and the .edu ones are more valuable than those coming from other domains, because they come from governmental and educational websites which are more trusted by readers. So, although you can’t rely on these types of backlinks alone to boost the ranking of your website, they are very effective and you should definitely try to buy backlinks from .edu or .gov domains.

Those who want to get edu backlinks or gov backlinks by themselves may have a hard time doing so. Most governmental sites don’t allow comments and even if you’ll find some that do, you should make sure to post relevant comments. It’s just as hard to obtain backlinks from .edu domains and, unless you plan on starting your own university and applying for a .edu domain, you should probably buy backlinks from professionals who know how to get the links from this type of sites, such as Marketing 1on1.

You may also want to get other so-called authority backlinks, which are backlinks from sites with high traffic (websites which are highly trusted and appreciated by visitors). Every backlink to your website is regarded by the search-engines as a recommendation and this was speculated by many webmasters who used spamming to obtain as many backlinks as possible.

This is why, the algorithms used by search engines to determine website rankings no longer only take into account the number, but also the ‘quality’ of backlinks. The Page Rank is an important factor used to measure importance and trustworthiness of websites.

The PR system is made up of 10 levels, with 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest level. If you decide to buy backlinks, keep in mind to only get high PR backlinks . It is better to get a few high PR or high authority backlinks than hundreds of low authority or low PR backlinks.

Types of backlinks

Ever since backlinks have started to be taken into account to determine a website’s ranking in the search engine’s result list, webmasters have come up with a sneaky solution to get as many links pointing to their sites as possible.

The most obvious way to achieve this was to swap or trade links with other website-owners (website A would link to website B and website B would link back to website A). Google has then decided to devalue these reciprocal links, so the more two-way links you have in your website, the less valuable they are.

There are many programs that will offer to help you increase your ranking, by link-interchange; the risk in using such programs is however, that you may even be banned from search engines if your link exchange partners prove to be link farms.

One-way links are links from another site to yours, but they are not reciprocal, so your website doesn’t have to link back to the site that links to you. These one way backlinks are highly appreciated by search engines and will be taken into account when determining the importance of your website. Because the work involved in getting this kind of links is quite extensive, most website owners choose to buy backlinks from specialized companies such as Marketing 1on1.

Backlinks- Do’s and don’ts when you buy them

There are a few rules to follow when purchasing backlinks, which will assure the success of your website. First of all and most importantly, you should never buy backlinks on an irrelevant website because nobody will click on these links so they will be useless. You shouldn’t restrict yourself to only buying .gov or .edu links; there are many other high authority- or high page-rank websites out there.

Never buy backlinks on websites where your competitors have listed theirs because it is unethical and since the other links have been there before yours, visitors will avoid clicking the link to your website.

Only buy backlinks from websites that are very popular and have high traffic; also try to get backlinks listed for as long as possible. Last but not least, you shouldn’t build or buy too many backlinks in a short period of time, because otherwise search-engines might label your website as spam and you will not appear in the search result list at all.

Before you buy backlinks on any website, you need to determine how important that specific website is to your niche, how much traffic it generates and of course, what ranking it has on search engines, to make sure it is a good investment, which will mean more visitors and therefore more profit for your business ; Marketing 1on1 will help you identify and define everything you need so that the process is fast, easy and successful in no time!