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Ribbun Launches A Comprehensive Digg Votes Service For Its Clients

Ribbun, An Up And Coming SEO And SMO Service Provider, Will Now Conduct Digg Votes Creation And Management For Businesses


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2011 -- Ribbun Software has been making waves in the SEO and SMO sphere due to its expansive range of services, and it is adding another feather to its cap by introducing a Digg votes service to improve its clients’ web presence.

Digg is a popular social media website that launched in the year 2004. It allows users to share their favorite links and bookmarks with the rest of the community on the site. Digg is considered to be one of the most important websites on the Internet and is an important source of traffic for many websites.

Ribbun Software has recognized the role Digg can play in improving a website’s traffic and visibility. According to Mr. Mohit from Ribbun Software, “A website has to have its story on the front page of Digg in order to attract maximum traffic. To do this, however, the story needs to have a lot of Digg votes. We offer these votes for our clients.”

There are many who criticize services that allow website owners to buy Digg votes. However, these criticisms often pertain to automatically generated Digg votes, which are often created by software. Ribbun, on the other hand, does not rely on any kind of software to create Digg votes. It offers clients the chance to buy Digg votes that are real.

Digg only considers stories that have generated legitimate votes from different IP addresses. In order to meet these criteria, the votes have to be created by real people. Very few companies can boast of being capable of getting real people to vote for a story, and Ribbun is one of those few companies.

With the right amount of votes and high quality and valuable content, a website can boost its traffic by huge margins if it can successfully buy Digg votes. In fact, Digg votes can even improve a website’s ranking on search engines. However, there is a lot of competition on this website, with more than 20,000 stories being submitted every day, of which only a few appear on the front page. This is where Ribbun comes into the picture.

Ribbun’s new service is a legitimate way to buy Digg votes, because it gets real people to read the story submitted by their clients and Digg it. These readers are informed according to their niche, and as such, the story gets high quality Digg votes that are relevant to the topic. These aspects are very important in improving the chances of a story appearing on the front page of Digg.

About Ribbun
Ribbun has been offering a wide variety of search engine and social media optimization services to its clients. It is one of the few services that have realized the importance of Digg and go about the right way of getting Digg votes for a story to succeed.