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Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- Because many public locations, including restaurants, bars, and casinos, have imposed bans on traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular. Electronic cigarettes are an excellent alternative to real cigarettes because they are work exactly like their traditional counterparts, but without the added health risks, smell, or expense.

Electronic cigarettes were developed to look, taste, and emit smoke like a real cigarette. As air flows through the electronic cigarette, a microprocessor detects it and activates an atomized cartridge. The cartridge then injects little drops of the liquid into the air, which produces a vapor mist that the user can inhale. Propylene glycol is also added to the liquid to produce a cigarette smoke effect. To top off the simulated smoking experience, electronic cigarettes have an orange glowing light at the tip.

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