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Ribbun Software, A Popular SEO And SMO Firm, Enables Customers Buy EDU backlinks As Its New Service


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2012 -- Ribbun Software is constantly looking to introduce new SEO and SMO solutions for improving the online presence of its clients. One of the latest services offered by the company allows its customers to buy EDU backlinks.

This new service is explained by Mr. Mohit, Ribbun Software spokesperson. He says, “Our service is essentially the same as any back linking service, the main difference being that we put up the links on EDU domains, which are reserved for education institutes. This difference, however, is the reason for an incredible improvement in the quality of the link that can help build the page rank and brand recognition of our clients.”

Educational websites generally get a large number of visitors, and a link on such websites receives massive visibility in a majority of cases. Another important advantage offered by educational institutes is that they are considered high-quality websites by search engines, and therefore, links from such sites add a lot of points to the page rank of the target website. The end result is a higher position in search engine results and a greater number of visitors.

Links from EDU websites also help in improving the trustworthiness of a website. By associating themselves with good educational institutes, websites that buy EDU back links develop greater trust among visitors. This, in turn, leads to a higher conversion rate.

One of the biggest advantages offered when clients buy EDU backlinks from Ribbun is that they get a big boost in efficiency due to the novelty of the service. There are only a few companies that offer this particular service at present.

With this new service, Ribbun’s customers can buy EDU back links from authenticated websites of educational institutes. The company has connections with a number of such websites, and sets links on the websites that are related to the field in which the target website operates. By doing so, the EDU backlinks develop even greater relevance, and the impact on page rank increases. Ribbun offers pure white-hat methods to add EDU backlinks, which is why it limits the number of links to each website. This ensures that the link network remains unclogged and natural.

About Ribbun
Ribbun is a successful SEO and SMO firm that has introduced several services since its inception. Its basic SEO services include article submission, content writing, link building, PR submission, etc. The company has a strong presence in several countries, including the United States, U.K., and countries in Europe. It offers social media marketing solutions as well, and it has made many innovations in the field.