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Websites Can Buy EDU Links from Ribbun SEO

The popular SEO Company can now set up highly powerful EDU links for improving the search engine visibility of its customers.


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2012 -- Ribbun is a well-known SEO firm that offers several different services. The company has recently launched a new service that will allow clients to buy EDU links. This new service aims at improving and strengthening the visibility of the company’s clients on search engines.

Ribbun’s EDU link building service is similar to its extremely popular link building service, except that it creates back links on an .EDU website instead of a normal website. EDU domain names denote educational domain names, which are reserved for colleges, universities and other educational institutes. These websites generally have a strong presence on the internet, with a large visitor base and high ranks in search engines. A client can buy EDU links to such websites to not only build high-authority links but also attract a higher number of visitors to the website.

Ribbun spokesperson Mr. Mohit believes that this service can be extremely effective, and even more so in this early stage. He says, “There are actually very few SEO services that offer this service, including us. EDU link building is still a new idea, so clients can achieve a greater benefit from it at this stage. Even when this form of search engine optimization gains attention, it can still be extremely effective because it combines link authority and visitor base together.”

EDU domain names were quite rare before, but recent years have seen an increasing number of education institutes buying EDU domain names and creating their own website. These websites are designed to attract a larger audience and also create a strong web presence. By creating links from these web sites, Ribbun’s clients will be able to improve their brand image and trustworthiness.

Ribbun’s new service allows clients to buy EDU links from real websites, unlike most other services that offer links to dummy domains. The company associates itself only with real educational institutes that have a high reputation in the real world as well as on the internet. Ribbun provides completely natural and white hat back links from these websites to improve the trust visitors will have on its clients. Moreover, since these websites have a strong link authority on search engines, it will also lead to a generous increase in search engine page rank.

About Ribbun
Ribbun is an SEO and SMO firm that works to create a strong online presence for its customers on search engines and social media websites. The firm believes in offering services that provide complete customer satisfaction and guaranteed results. As of now, Ribbun is one of the most popular and rapidly growing firms on the internet.