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Popular SEO Firm Ribbun Software Introduces New Services For Clients To Buy EDU Links


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2012 -- Ribbun Software is an SEO firm that offers several different services to its customers. One of the latest services offered by the company allows clients to buy EDU links of the highest quality in order to boost their search engine results page rank.

Clients who buy EDU links basically get a normal back link to their site with the main difference being that Ribbun Software sets up the link from a website with an EDU domain name. This difference, however, gives the back link much more juice for search engines than a normal back link does. It is for this reason that Ribbun Software has utilized these links for the benefit of its clients.

Websites that have an EDU domain name are those of educational institutes, and therefore they attract lots of traffic. These websites are also generally considered to be of higher quality than others are. As a result, the links made from such websites carry a lot of link juice that can help increase the search engine results page rank of the targeted web pages. When clients buy EDU links from Ribbun Software, they also get the added benefit of getting more traffic from the educational institutes into their website.

This multi-pronged approach is explained by Ribbun Software spokesperson Mr. Mohit, who says, “Our clients get two distinct advantages when they buy EDU links from us. The first advantage is pure SEO. Search engines prefer quality to quantity among back links. Therefore, a back link from an educational website has superior quality, and can help in boosting the page rank of the website. The second advantage is the increased traffic to the website. Visitors to the educational website are more likely to get redirected to your website when they click on your EDU link. This brings greater visibility as well. The third advantage is improved online image. Creating back links with the websites of educational institutes gives you a credibility that is difficult to achieve otherwise.”

Ribbun Software has specially designed this particular service in order to achieve the most link juice from the EDU links that the clients buy. To do this, the company builds links only within educational websites that are related to the field in which a particular client functions. This improves the relevance of the back link, thereby increasing the quality.

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