Buy Emergency

Buy Emergency Launch to Provide Survival and Emergency Supplies to Prevent Disasters Affecting Families


Covina, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- USA Today reports nine out of ten Americans believe a catastrophic disaster will occur in the next quarter century despite fifty six percent reporting that they are unprepared for it. This alarming dissonance was perhaps the call to arms for Buy Emergency, a new online survival supply store that aims its products at the rational minded seeking to protect their families from an uncertain future.

The site provides survival kits, bug out kits, first aid supplies and long-life foodstuffs, and has taken the time to compile the essentials people will need, so they can buy package deals on items that could mean the difference between surviving or falling prey to unpreparedness. The products all come with an educational component- explaining why the things in the kits are useful and what eventualities people may face in the event of various disasters, thereby both selling the product to a consumer and helping them make best use of it once bought.

The kits include things like water purification tablets, emergency blankets and clothing, first aid and tools, radios, breath masks, matches and even playing cards in order to keep up morale.

A spokesperson for Buy Emergency explained, “We’ve built our website with one singular vision, and that is to provide the resources and materials needed for survival for different situations. In a perfect world we hope you will never have to use anything we sell, but in reality, we are more hopeful you and your love ones are prepared to survive and have the resources to do so when the situation calls for it. We understand that not everybody has the time, education, or the proper guidance to know where to start when it comes to emergency preparation. Because of this fact, we’ve built a versatile and diverse product line that applies to beginner, intermediate, and even the most advance peppers.”

About Buy Emergency
Buy Emergency opened their doors in 2013. Despite the obvious schism in their industry, they are not paranoid doomsday enthusiasts but rather we encourage preparation and safety in the unexpected event of an emergency, be it catastrophic or minor. Most of the Buy Emergency staff and owners are family people and they value protecting themselves and their loved ones, and believe this philosophy should be extended throughout every family in America. For more information, please visit: