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Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2013 -- In order to create a greener tomorrow, each human being should strive to use nature friendly products today itself. Finding sustainable solutions to maintain our environment and limited nature’s wealth has a great significance; many businesses have identified this necessity and try to use products that are reusable. TrueGreen offers Green2 paper and related products, which are 100% tree free. TrueGreen intends to create a better future for people with environment friendly products, which lends credibility to a go-green initiative. Different types of Green2 treeless paper products are made available to customers by TrueGreen through

A customer of Green2 tree free paper products says, “I was so excited to get my hands on these Green2 tissues, this is dye and chemical free and they don’t use any trees. It’s made from grass, so wonderful.”

Shoppers can purchase Green2 Singles Paper Towel – 7 Sheets per pack, Green2 100% Tree Free paper Towels 130 Sheets 2 Pack 24 Packs/Case, Green2 100% Tree Free Bath Tissue 1000 Sheets/Roll 96 Rolls/Case, Green2 Tree free Ultra Soft Facial Tissue 90 Ct 30 Cube Boxes and much more along with 12/4 Pack Bath Tissue and tree-free paper towels from Apart from that, Unfi West, Haddon House, Ke He & Tree of Life now distribute tree-free paper products of TrueGreen. All Green2 paper products are said to be made from bamboo pulp and virgin sugarcane, which is whitened and bleached with chlorine-free techniques. TrueGreen guarantees that no dyes, fragrances or lotions are used for the production of treeless paper products.

The website says, “Truegreen believes in living responsibly and cares for the environment and promotes sustainability very simply by the products it provides to consumers and businesses.”

Tree-free paper products from TrueGreen are made from renewable resources without harming nature’s limited resources. The product list includes Dinnerware, Stationery Supplies, Copy Paper, Paper Towels, Facial Tissue, Septic Safe Bath Tissue and Napkins. In addition, Cocktail/Dinner/Lunch Napkins, Jumbo Roll Tissue and Multi-fold paper towels are also available as ‘Away From Home’ products. All these environment friendly products are provided to potential customers at affordable rates. Users can reduce carbon emission with the help of Green2 treeless paper from TrueGreen.

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Truegreen was established in the year 2007 with an intention to manufacture ecofriendly products using renewable materials. Now TrueGreen has become a popular brand for tree-free paper products. The highest quality treeless paper products are offered to business and household customers at reasonable rates from TrueGreen.

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