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Diet Doc Urges Consumers to Be Diligent when Tempted to Buy hCG Online

Diet Doc does not support the online sale of prescription diet products and warns consumers who buy hCG online of the potentially dangerous, and sometimes deadly, side effects


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2015 -- Although the FDA makes every attempt to police the internet sale of prescription diet products that are advertised as "pure", the truth is that this platform is much too enormous to monitor efficiently. Therefore, it is up to the consumer to research companies and diet products to ensure their safety and efficiency. Websites that tempt consumers to buy hCG online continue to grow and continue to make hefty profits from those who are desperate to lose weight. And, while there are legitimate diet products and hCG providers throughout the country, the vast majority of the information on hCG and hCG products offered online is simply untrue.

In their effort to help dieters choose the best method of weight loss and to avoid the potentially dangerous side effects of internet prescription diet products, including those who are tempted to buy hCG online, they have compiled a list of common misconceptions and myths:

- The sale of prescription diet products, without a valid doctor prescription, is illegal and unethical. Websites that offer "prescription" hCG and other "prescription" products are selling illegal or ineffective products. At Diet Doc, all patients consult with a highly trained and specially educated fast weight loss doctor who will review each patient's system, medical history and current conditions prior to recommending the most compatible prescription diet products for safe and fast weight loss.

- All hCG is not created equally. hCG advertised as "homeopathic" has been compounded and diluted with other ingredients, many times to the point that there is no actual hCG in the product. Diet Doc's hormone diet treatments, exclusive diet pills, powerful fat burners and other healthy living supplements are always manufactured in U.S. based, FDA approved and fully licensed pharmacies and include a full disclosure of ingredients, possible side effects and potential contraindications.

- There are no special hCG weight loss programs that will promote more rapid weight loss based on gender. The experts at Diet Doc spend time with each patient to create diet plans that are compatible with their age, gender, nutritional needs and medical conditions to deliver safe and fast weight loss without health compromise.

- hCG is not a permanent reset for metabolism. All methods of weight loss, whether it be diet, exercise, or even weight loss surgery, requires long term strategies for long term weight maintenance. Diet Doc's medically guided diet plans help their patients break bad eating behaviors, while learning how to choose foods that will nourish the body without excess weight gain. Their doctors monitor each patient's progress through private, online weekly checkup calls and are available on an unlimited basis throughout.

The level of personal commitment, service and attention that accompanies Diet Doc's diet plans cannot be duplicated by the competition. They have quickly become a leader in the weight loss industry by offering only pure, prescription diet products that are available to their qualified patients after a thorough physician consultation and review of medical conditions. They remain faithful to their clients until well after the last ounce of excess fat has melted and offer long term maintenance programs for those patients who wish to continue their relationship with their fast weight loss team.

Diet Doc tailors diet plans that are specific to each patient's age, gender, activity level, nutritional needs and medical conditions. They urge those who are tempted by internet advertisements to buy hCG online to first visit or call the experts today for safe, comfortable and fast weight loss without risking their health.

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