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Nutrients are some of the key requirements to keep the body in a healthy condition. Generally, appropriate amount of nutrients is obtained from consumption of a balanced diet. Prolonged working hours and sedentary lifestyles have lead to irregular eating habits that result in creation of nutritional gaps.


Ahmedabad, Gujarat -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2015 -- According to a report from Office Of Dietary Supplements published in 2011, almost one third of Americans take multivitamins. On an average, almost $5 billion is spent on purchase of multivitamins. Well a survey from The Huffington Post, federal officials released numbers which showed that consumption of multivitamins has increased in comparison to 1990s when it was just 42%. There has been a 28% increase in multivitamin consumption of women of 60 years and above as compared to 1990s data.

When individuals buy multivitamins online they get a supplement that supplies minerals, vitamins that are very necessary for proper functioning of the body. Multivitamins are available as capsules, liquids, tablets or in powdered form. It is an obvious fact that individuals of different age groups have diverse nutritional needs. Therefore, these supplements are divided into various categories.

The division of multivitamins are as follows:

Adults: Elderly of both the genders have same nutritional needs with a few exceptions. The major difference is in amount of iron intake. According to National Institute of Health, women within the age limit of 19-50 need 18mg of iron whereas men in same age group require only 8mg of iron.

Children: When parents buy multivitamins online, they should prefer categories that suit needs of infants. Multivitamins for children have different amount of iron as compared to supplements for adults. There is a wide difference in the mineral constituents too. Children need only 110mg of magnesium whereas, adults need 350mg. Therefore, multivitamins for children and adults are tailored differently. The supplements that are made for children are chewable and flavored.

Seniors: The constitution of multivitamins for adults and seniors is same to a certain extent. In supplements for elderly, amount of nutrients is higher in comparison of multivitamins for people of other age groups. The main ingredients of multivitamins for seniors are calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. All of these mainly works on increasing bone density to avoid diseases like osteoporosis.

High power multivitamins: Multivitamins of this category are also known as high potency multivitamins and they contain elevated levels of nutrients in comparison of any other multivitamins. High amount of vitamin B in these supplements accelerate process of metabolism. Vitamin B is water soluble and thereby its intake in higher amount doesn't harm the body. When an individual buys multivitamins online of this class, they get a package of nutrients that enhances over all performance of the body. Many multivitamins also contain extracts of vegetables and fruits. Multivitamins of this category boost the energy level of an individual.

The multivitamins definitely serve as a source of many nutrients, but these can never act as a replacement of daily balanced diet. When these supplements are combined with a regular diet, desired results can be obtained.

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