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Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2012 -- A business valuation is of great importance whether one is preparing a business for sale or determining whether to purchase a business or pass it by. A business valuation tells the buyer and seller the worth of the business. Many valuations methodologies may be used in this process. The buyer and seller may agree on a methodology to be used. Another option is to make use of a combination of methodologies. "At Kazooga, a number of options are offered to ensure buyers and sellers can choose the valuations methodologies they are most comfortable with," Warren Houston, founder of Kazooga, explains.

"When a basic valuation is chosen, Kazooga offers a market value based on sales of similar businesses from an asset perspective. Some buyers and sellers are comfortable with this. If not, a premiere valuation or higher will be needed. With a premiere valuation, Kazooga determines the value of the business using market value comparisons as well as an asset valuation with a goodwill component," Mr. Houston states. The market value approach establishes the value of a business by comparing it to similar business which have recently sold. Asset valuations total up all investments in a business and subtract liabilities from assets to determine the market value.

If you wish to have a historical 3 year weighted average, Kazooga offers the business assessment option. Here the business valuations specialist lists net income figures for the past three years with current earnings at the top. He or she multiplies the current year's earnings by three, the previous year's earnings by two and the first year's earnings by one. The results for both the weighted years and the weighted earnings are added up. The last step the specialist will take is to divide the total weighted earnings by the weighted years to determine the historical three year weighted average.

"The complete business analysis includes a three year future projected value and 5 year EBITDAR weighted average valuation to the above three valuations methodologies to give clients the most accurate picture of the value of a business," Mr. Houston goes on to say. "As the industry leader for Toronto Business Brokers, we offer clients the tools they want and need to value a business to ensure full value is realized for both the buyer and seller. When it comes to Toronto businesses for sale, Kazooga makes it easy for all parties involved."

About Kazooga
Founded by Warren Houston, Kazooga is Canada's largest business-for-sale network. This network is designed to help Canadian business owners and brokers obtain exposure for businesses they are looking to sell. In addition to established businesses for sale, Kazooga provides listings for franchise opportunities, business real estate, asset sales and more. Buyer resources are offered, including business loans and business valuations. Seller resources include business listing tools, three listing categories to select from and business valuations. Kazooga is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service. To achieve this goal, Kazooga always appreciates and listens to its customers.