Buy Parts Cautions the Public on Using Substandard Truck Parts

With the news of GM recalling several Cadillac models and the confiscation of fake car parts in UAE, Buy Parts is now urging buyers to be more vigilant.


South Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- The media is currently crowded with auto news of General Motors Co. recalling more than 50,000 2013 Cadillac SRX crossover vehicles due to delays in acceleration brought about by a faulty computer program that controls the transmission. While there were no reported cases of accidents directly linked to this, the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NTHSA) claims that this still poses a threat to its passengers as it increases chances of having a car crash. Because of this, Buy Parts is now urging the public to only buy reliable car parts from authorized dealers.

In the trucking industry alone, accidents increased by 20% in the past two decades. This only accounts for a small percentage of the total number of car accidents but the ones that involve trucks are notably more dangerous due to their large sizes and the weight of the cargo they carry. While most accidents are commonly linked to fault on the part of the driver, the US Department of Transportation showed that truck accidents in 2003 were mainly caused by vehicular faults. Buy Parts owner is now linking this to the possible use of substandard truck parts.

Meanwhile, approximately more than $9 million worth of fake car parts were confiscated in UAE for the past two years. Although the suppliers were fined for selling fake parts, this only proves that a car owner could easily fall victim to such business operators. While prices on such items could be offered in significantly lower rates, the use of these parts could compromise the safety of motorists. The best way to help combat this is to educate the people on the repercussions on the use of such items and only buy from reliable sources that have a direct collaboration with genuine car parts manufacturers.

For Justin Rignall, truck parts expert at Buy Parts™, safety on the road is something that one should never take for granted even with the prevalence of cheap substandard car parts alternatives. He was quoted saying, “The problem with many car owners is that they want to save on car parts costs and buy these from unreliable sources. Yes, fake products cost a lot less but I don’t think you’ll be thinking the same when you receive your hospital bill when these fail to work on the road. Even the likes of GM know that failure to use quality parts could result to more serious problems and chose to recall their Cadillacs. The public should follow this example and be wiser and trust their safety to authorized car parts distributors.”

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