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Queensland, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- KALM Saddlery, based in Australia, offers ‘Super Cool Saddle Cloth’ and ‘Sims Bell Boots’ for online purchase. Customers can select from different types of products available at this online store. Product specification and price are clearly stated on the website kalmsaddlery.

Buyers will get 100% money-back guarantee and return policy protection within 30 days of purchase. This protection is available only for faulty products and equipment. Cotton web reins are made available to customers at a price of $72. Apart from that, other similar products such as tubular cotton reins, polocrosse reins, ezy-hold slobber strap, heavy cutting rein and leather DSB reins are provided online at affordable prices.

Kalmsaddlery has bridles of different types. Leather barcoo bridle is made available to customers in old mahogany and havanna colors. Buyers can select the products featured in the website and can add them to carts for final selection. KALM Saddlery also offers certain bridles in PVC form. Horse owners can purchase convenient gear bags from this online store. Gear bags are given in brown, green, black, red and blue colors. Buyers can obtain large canvas and PVC gear bags for a price of $142.

Viewers can go through the KALM Saddlery website to collect information regarding privacy policy, terms and conditions. The store also offers different types of breastplates to choose from.

Martingales, bits, saddlecloths, spurs and stirrups are also provided by kalmsaddlery. Potential customers can create an account with the official website of this company, which enables them to track placed orders. Some of the top rated products of KALM saddlery include Derby Polocrosse Helmet, Polocrosse Reins and Koda Felt/Super Cool/Hair Fibre Saddle Cloth.

The website says, “We at Kalm Saddlery are bound and obliged to protect any personal information that comes within our website. We only ask information for the purpose of identifying users every time they visit the site and subscribe products and services”

Kalmsaddlery has also implemented electronic and physical safety measures. Customers need to provide their name, postal address, contact number and email ID for placing the order through the website. Viewers can read recent posts related to horse care tips, western horse riding and others from Kalmsaddlery.Com.

To obtain more information about kalmsaddlery, visit http://kalmsaddlery.com.

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KALM Saddlery is an online store that offers polocrosse equipment, bridles, saddles, breastplates, bits, reins and other related products. Customers can purchase these products online at affordable prices. The official website gives details about top rated products on sale. KALM Saddlery has clear privacy policies and warranty services.

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