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Leading Online SEO Firm Launches Press Release Solutions

Ribbun, A Rapidly Growing Search Engine Optimization Firm, Has Launched Its New Press Release Submission Service


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2011 -- As part of its mission to create a strong online reputation for its clients, Ribbun has launched its press release submission services.

Many experts feel press releases are not as effective as they used to be. Press release submission is considered to be an outdated method of marketing that does not serve any purpose anymore. The truth, however, is far from this, and Ribbun is aware of it.

According to Mr. Mohit from Ribbun Software, “Press releases are not dead yet. They are still an active and very useful part of a business’s promotional campaign. Even today, press releases can help you in getting effective media coverage on podcasts and blogs. The best part is that it can even help in search engine optimization. We could not deny our clients these benefits, and this is why we have launched this new service.”

A press release can be useful for any and all business, irrespective of the size. No matter what industry the business operates in or what its size may be, it can still benefit from press release submission services. In fact, the opportunity for press releases has increased even more as news stories are now reported on blogs, podcasts, and other online sources apart from print media.

Businesses that buy press release submission services would realize they are cost effective as well. Press releases are most effective when they are concise, and the only thing needed to write one is a good story. Press release distribution is also simple and affordable as compared to other methods of promotion.

Press releases have the unique ability to reach out to a wide audience. By targeting several local news media, it is possible for other major media outlets to pick up the story and spread it farther. That is generally how the news industry works, and businesses can use it their advantage and gain better online visibility and brand recognition.

With the help of an effective press release submission service, it is possible to boost the incoming traffic to a business’s website. Some press release submission services like that of Ribbun offer to make the press release SEO friendly. This can make the release even more effective in improving brand visibility and drawing in traffic.

The effectiveness of a press release, however, depends on where it is submitted. A good press release submission service can help by making sure that the news spreads as much as it can and that the business gets maximum publicity. Ribbun offers to do this when clients buy press release submission services from them. The company also offers to create search engine optimized press releases, which helps in boosting their effectiveness even more.

About Ribbun
Ribbun is a rapidly rising SEO company that offers a number of diverse and unique services that cannot be found in most other SEO or SMO firms. Its new press release submission service is just another feather in its cap, as the company plans to launch more services over time to help clients forge an online presence.