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Unique Link Building Service Launched By Ribbun

Ribbun Software Introduces A Profile Link Building Service for Clients


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2011 -- Ribbun recently unveiled its profile link building service for clients, which allows them to buy profile links as part of search engine optimization. This service has been launched as part of Ribbun’s commitment to creating a strong online reputation for its clients.

Profile link building is a concept known to most SEO experts, but it is not used as much as it should be. This underrated form of link building involves creating backlinks to the main website from profile pages on social websites. Mr. Mohit from Ribbun Software shared his views about profile link building, “It is a beautiful concept, but it has not got its due attention. We always look for the most unique services to give our clients an edge over the competition, and profile link building is one of them.”

Profile pages are usually accompanied by anchor text, where the link to the client website can be added. These links are picked up by search engine bots and are given importance by the algorithm that calculates the page rank of the website. These profile pages are made on community websites that have high quality forums. An account is created on high traffic community websites, and the profile is added to the signature or biography section.

The benefits offered when businesses buy profile links depends mostly on the popularity of the community website and the profile. Websites with a good search engine page rank or Alexa page rank are very effective places to create profiles and build links. By creating a profile on a high page ranked forum, clients stand to get a good boost in the search engine page rank of their own website.

Apart from effective link building for search engine optimization, businesses can get a lot more when they buy profile links. If profiles are made in communities relevant to the field the business specializes in, it is possible for profile links to drive targeted traffic to the website. Those who click on the signature links in forums are not visitors, but potential customers. Therefore, relevant profile link building helps in getting the business qualified leads.

There are some SEO firms on the Internet that can provide profile link building services, but what makes Ribbun’s new service different is that it also creates RSS feeds for the profile link. Ribbun converts profile links to a combined RSS feed which is then pinged for distribution. This process boosts the speed with which search engine bots index the client website and also betters the page rank. With this unique addition, clients stand to gain a lot when they buy profile links from Ribbun.

About Ribbun
Ribbun is a noteworthy SEO firm making a name for itself in the market thank to its diverse services. The unique profile link building service launched by Ribbun promises to contribute a lot to the company’s mission of creating a strong online presence for its clients.