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Retention Equals Revenue: Announces Pledge to Guide Clients in Closing Leads Hand-in-Hand announces new business-to-client pledge, intended to help walk clients through closing nurtured leads each step of the way.


Radnor, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- Buy SEO Leads (, is pleased to announce that they have created a new business-to-client pledge, intended to assist clients with closing their nurtured lead lists that they procure from Buy SEO Leads.

Buy SEO Leads is a premier lead generation marketing firm that uses a proven strategy and formula to attract qualified, vetted, verified, active and nurtured SEO leads in a wide variety of niches, industries, and demographics. Using a hybrid generating and verification process, the entity has been able to drastically reduce the cost of each acquired lead by an average of 40%, enabling them to offer these nurtured leads to buyers at a fraction of what they would cost otherwise.

“We’re on a mission to counter the element of distrust that consumers of leads have in this industry,” explained Joseph Reingold, Assistant Sales Manager of Buy SEO Leads, in regard to how the industry is currently viewed. The SEO leads industry has been plagued in recent years by marketing firms that offer poor quality leads that are rarely vetted, and nearly never nurtured. Such leads have a minimal chance of closing or converting, with many of them being inactive, unverified and unqualified in addition to being non-exclusive.

Buy SEO Leads uses a unique formula to attract triple opt-in leads. After the leads come in, they use a quadruple vetting process with a generic company and email. Each lead is contacted, verified and vetted. Then each lead is carefully nurtured based upon industry and needs for SEO or related services. Two more follow-ups are implemented for each lead before the active lead is deemed as “nurtured” and added to the leads list. The buck doesn’t stop there. Once a client acquires a lead from Buy SEO Leads, the company diligently works alongside the client to assure that more of their leads close.

“Our goal is to work with each client of ours hand-in-hand with each lead they pursue,” Reingold stated. “We’ll teach them the nifty closing tricks that we have learned throughout our tenure in the business so that they are closing more leads from each batch they buy. After all, our clients are what enables us to continue doing business, and our goal is to assure that they are getting maximum traction from each lead they pursue.”

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