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Buy That Cheap Reduces Prices on Getting YouTube Likes, Subscribers and Comments

Buy That Cheap has reduced prices for likes, views, subscribers, favorites and commentss for YouTube videos, so that artists can create the first groundswell of popularity that helps videos go viral.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- The age old vicious circle that many new acts get caught in is the need to have popularity to gain popularity- breaking out is incredibly difficult. However, social media is making it easier than ever for new artists to find audiences, but those audiences are still reluctant to endorse something unless it appears to be part of a trend. Using, artists can create that appearance more easily and affordably than ever, with their comprehensive suite of YouTube services that have recently seen their prices slashed.

The site offers customizable amounts of YouTube subscribers, views, likes, comments, favorites and dislikes that can be ordered for any video. These services are completely safe and terms of service compliant, thanks to their unique system for delivery. The service has already been used by over 15,000 acts that have since gone viral.

These services ( help videos come to the attention of YouTube, which will then recommend the video far more often to new viewers. Equally, comments can help generate discussion which increases engagement, and even dislikes can create a sense of controversy that attracts more viewers. These services are ideal for musicians, gamers, artists, reviewers and anyone looking to make a name for themselves in new media.

A spokesperson for Buy That Cheap explained, “Our services help people take control of their social media destiny. While we can’t make people’s content quality, we can give it the opportunity to be judged on its merit by real audiences around the world. The real tragedy is that so much great work goes unnoticed for lack of an audience. We want to help people get discovered, and do so without having to break the bank. Many of our top services have been rated five stars by the users who have already invested in them, so there’s never been a better time to help yourself get your big break.”

About Buy That Cheap
Buy That Cheap is an online store for selling YouTube views, subscribers, likes, dislikes, comments, and favorites. All of these elements give positive effects for videos, as YouTube themselves will change the way a video is treated according to its popularity, being more recommended and ranking higher in searches. The site is run by a team of highly professional coders, web developers and designers. For more information please visit: