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Trenton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2018 -- With formal wear from Buy4LessTuxedo, completing an elegant ensemble does not end with purchasing a tux. There are a few fundamental details that men should take into account when putting together their outfit for a formal event. Buy4LessTuxedo, the leading online retailer for men's formal wear, advises customers to take note of the details that not only draw attention to a suit, but that complete the look as a whole.

There are four essential components to achieving tuxedo etiquette, which include cufflinks, buttons, pocket squares, and dress socks. While most people are aware of the significance of these details, some men do not know how to properly combine these basic elements.

Cufflinks and pocket squares are those subtle details that can make all the difference in formal wear. Incorporating cufflinks into a tux might seem like a minute detail; however, these small, decorative fasteners are sure to make a lasting impression on a formal ensemble. Pocket squares are another minor detail that significantly stand out in a suit. While there are many different ways to fold these fabric swatches, placing one in the upper jacket pocket will create a pop that might be otherwise missing.

Tuxedo jackets are made with one or more buttons; however, if there are more than one, the bottom button is to always remain open. While this "rule" might seem odd, it's known and understood by most. Tuxedos from Buy4Less carry an array of jackets that have one to two buttons, with the exception of a few styles that are made with more. It is also essential to wear long dress socks when wearing a tuxedo, as ankles can be exposed while sitting. All of these essential accessories can be purchased from Buy4LessTuxedo.

To possess tuxedo etiquette, incorporate the above essentials in a formal ensemble. To view accessories, such as cufflinks, pocket squares, and dress socks or to buy tuxedo jackets, browse the online collection of formal wear at For more information, call them at 1-888-724-2829 or fill out a contact form.

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