Launches a New Mobile Responsive Website

The site addresses the shift from desktop computers to tablets among the demographic most interested in preserving wealth through precious metals ownership, reports BuyAndStoreGold


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2015 -- announces the launch of a new mobile responsive website to better meet the needs of clients. The new website addresses the shift from desktop computers to tablets in the demographic most interested in preserving wealth through precious metals ownership. Individuals find they are now able to access the website and their account using their device of choice, without loss of functionality.

According to, mobile device usage now exceeds desktop usage, with 51 percent of individuals stating they use a mobile device and 42 percent reporting they use a desktop. wants to ensure those individuals making use of mobile devices have full site functionality, and the new website allows for this, according to Roger Bond, the spokesperson for

Countries no longer back their currency with items possessing tangible value. As a result of this shift, many individuals now wish to acquire items that may be used as currency if the government collapses. The risk of this type of collapse continues to increase,as governments are intentionally devaluing currency and spending money recklessly. Gold and silver have long been used as currency to purchase necessary items and may be used for this purpose in the future. Individuals who are prepared will be ready to face anything in the event of an economic catastrophe.

"Individuals cannot be too careful today. Turn on the news and hear about banks in other countries that are unable to open, as they don't have money to provide to their clients. Listen to politicians talk about the possibility of an electromagnetic pulse and how it would bring America to a halt, or read new reports of individuals from other countries who would like to come here and shut down the economic system. Although these things may have seemed impossible in the past, most individuals wouldn't have believed websites of major corporations could be hacked either, yet they have. The world is changing and people need to prepare for any eventuality. Precious metals help them to do so," Bond continues.

Individuals choosing to build their wealth in this manner often opt to make use of Hard Assets Alliance when they wish to buy and store gold. This company is known for offering numerous options and lower costs, allowing investors to customize the management of their investment portfolio without paying a fortune to do so. The reason this company has attracted so much attention is it was among the first in the industry to offer storage diversification options.

"Investors now have the option of keeping their precious metals in a vault in Singapore or in another storage facility independent of the banking system. This is only one of many reasons why numerous investors are choosing this provider, and offers various others in their comprehensive review of the provider. Visitors to the site find other resources they may benefit from, thus everyone interested in precious metals investing should be sure to check this site out," Bond declares.

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