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BuyAppRatings Service Offers Great Advertising Opportunity for Struggling Apps


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/30/2017 -- BuyAppRatings offers App users the opportunity to increase the visibility of their posts and account by buying real App followers and likes. BuyAppRatings' services are unique and offer a boost to new developers who are struggling to get their apps noticed by their target audience, through an economical and practical solution that has the potential to provide positive results.

App Store ratings have a large impact on the decision making process of the target market, a higher rating portrays the confidence other users have in the app; it is also a glimpse of the user experience. When a user of an app takes out the time to give an app a rating, it signifies that the users have established an opinion about the app they would like to share and want the developers and others to know about, an app with a higher rating on the app store is more likely to be downloaded with low or no ratings. However, for app that have just made it in to the app store, it can be hard to get noticed let alone receive enough positive reviews to make it to the top of the popular apps' list. An easy and effective way of solving this problem is to buy iOS ratings from trustworthy and credible sources such as BuyAppRatings that only provide ratings by real people.

BuyAppRatings service has been designed especially to make it simpler and less time consuming to buy cheap App ratings. The company's price tariff is aimed specifically towards new and struggling app developers who would like to give their app a boost.

The BuyAppRatings spokesperson said: "We believe that our services can help app developer and also many businesses can benefit from buying app ratings because this is a quick and cost effective method to bring in a lot of fans. With ratings, you will be able to promote yourself and really put your brand out there without spending a whole lot. The ratings are real people so you can be confident about the boost you get is not from bots. This can influence the amount of traffic your app page on the iOS app store will, as people will want to see what all the fuss is about. Users will also be more likely to engage with you just to learn amount about the product or service you have to offer."

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