Reveals New Options for Buying Top All-Natural Bed Bug Treatment

New Bed Bug Bully packages will help more consumers and professionals benefit from safe, non-toxic, powerful bed bug solution, announces


Falls Church, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 --, the leading source for the all-natural, highly effective bed bug solution Bed Bug Bully, announced a number of new ways to obtain the company's well regarded product. The new options provide perfect answers for those ranging from condo and apartment dwellers dealing with small infestations to contractors who treat the homes of several clients per week, ensuring that everyone with a bed bug problem will be able to benefit from safe, potent Bed Bug Bully. Bed Bug Bully is one of the only all-natural, entirely non-toxic bed bug solutions on the market that kills bed bugs and their larvae on contact and eliminates bed bug populations entirely.

"The response to the wide introduction of Bed Bug Bully has been incredible," representative Jane Simpson said, "so we're happy to expand the number of ways that people can acquire this great, all-natural product." A rare occurrence as recently as twenty years ago, bed bug infestations have proliferated in the United States and elsewhere at an alarming pace since. A survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association in 2013 found that 99.6% of all pest control professionals had been called upon to deal with bed bug problems, while only 25% made similar claims in 2000.

In addition to disrupting sleep and producing discomfort with their bites, these blood-feeding parasites are incredibly resilient. Bed bug infestations commonly spread throughout whole apartment buildings and other residential structures before they are even identified, and attempts to eradicate them that at first appear to be successful often turn out to have been fruitless. These facts have left homeowners, renters, and pest management professionals yearning for more effective solutions, especially those that do not involve dangerous chemical pesticides.

Bed Bug Bully is one of the most promising such answers of recent times. Originally developed and used by commercial entities like hotels and health facilities, Bed Bug Bully is now available for the first time to consumers. Using only all-natural active ingredients, including mint oil and a proprietary extract of coconut, the EPA-approved treatment is non-toxic to pets and people, while still providing highly effective bed-bug-killing action. Unlike most other alternatives, then, bed bug bully allows families to remain at home while it is applied and thereafter. Independent bed bug bully reviews also show that consumer groups and others find the product one of the most effective of all purported answers to the problem of bed bugs.'s new buying options ensure that anyone with a bed bug infestation will be able to find exactly the right package for their needs. The bed bug bully spray is available from the company's website in a number of different formats, each meant to treat areas of different sizes. Visitors to the company's website can also obtain free samples of the product, as well as take advantage of a coupon code that provides a discount on their orders.

The leading source for the all-natural, non-toxic, commercial-strength Bed Bug Bully treatment, offers the product in a number of convenient, affordable packages.