Buy Facebook Likes Cheap Talks About Empowerment, Connectivity, and Greater Reach That Comes with Effective Businesses' Social Media Strategies

What can businesses do then to ensure that they have a clean reputation online? How can businesses avoid online public outrage? How can businesses get the most out of social media technology?


Duluth, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2014 -- Interesting fact: Social media heights has spurred an increase of 50% in customer satisfaction, 48% increase in business leads, and 24% increase in revenue for companies who have embraced the benefits of social media technology.

Empowerment, connectivity, greater reach. The impact of social uprising is inevitable. The ability of the people to communicate faster and to provide reactions and opinions to every single issue is far different from the way it was before. It is something that leaders and stakeholders, most importantly government, cannot control that easily.

The speed of social media is indeed uncontrollable. It no longer impossible for businesses to be doomed with just a blink of an eye once the consumers expressed protest and lamentation online. Trade secrets and some confidential data can be easily seen by competitors, no matter how hard business stakeholders try to keep every confidential information in their company a top secret.

But what can businesses do then to ensure that they have a clean reputation online? How can businesses avoid online public outrage? How can businesses get the most out of social media technology?

Marc Benioff,’s Chief Executive, advises company leaders to make use of social media to connect and engage with the customers in the sense that their online experience goes at par with their satisfaction in using the actual products or services. In today’s world, adding Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or other social media sites as merely an add-on with no real and regular interaction with the real customers (and potential customers) would not at all be impactful for businesses. It is equally important for businesses to get a lot of interaction that can be reflected in, for instance, Facebook likes, comments, and shares. SEO is another story, that when coupled with a good social media strategy, can bring in a lot of benefits to businesses.

Take for instance the effect of Facebook on product and service promotions. Based on a new study from Experian Hitwise UK’s analytics group, one Facebook like which equates to one Facebook like is equivalent to about twenty visits to a website per year. This number, though it may not directly equate to a sale, can have a significant effect on sales yield. Proper strategies targeting the correct audience, given all the correct methods in formulating text, visual, or video content marketing, has surmountable positive effects proportionate to increased sales.

In the UK, buying Facebook likes has become a part of every business strategy. This approach makes the business page appear more interactive and can help drive more interaction from real customers and potential customers. This is the main reason why more companies aggressively market through the use of Facebook. However, there had been a lot of changes which can potentially impact the way businesses do business with the use of Facebook or any other social media site. Companies need to keep up with these changes and understand how important it is to adjust their marketing strategies based on these changes.

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