Joe Bragg Promises to Help Dieters Achieve Their Weight Loss Goals


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2013 -- It doesn’t take much online searching to find information about HCG diet injections. Although HCG has been helping people lose weight since the 1960s, it has become particularly popular in recent years thanks to endorsements from celebrities and medical professionals around the world.

One website wants to educate users on the power of the HCG diet while offering reasonable prices on safe and effective HCG diet injections. That website is, where visitors will find videos, articles, and factsheets about the effectiveness of the HCG diet.

On the homepage of, visitors will see a brief article that describes how the website works. A spokesperson for the site explains how it plans to help dieters lose weight:

“Our goal is to help anyone achieve their weight loss goals. We provide customized plans for individuals who visit our site. Visitors simply need to book a consultation, after which we will connect them with a doctor and nurse who can provide reliable medical advice on the most effective workout routine. Our goal is to offer top-quality weight loss coaches, nurses, and doctors that answer any questions dieters might have.”

As the website explains, the end result of all this hard work is a slimmer and healthier body. Since HCG injections are a type of natural hormone, the diet simply increases the body’s ability to burn unwanted and unused fat that is currently stored throughout the body.

Some people are under the mistaken impression that the HCG diet is a starvation diet. In fact, the website explains that a revolutionary new HCG diet program released by the website allows dieters to consume 700 to 1200 calories per day. When spread out over the course of a day, dieters should never feel like they are starving themselves.

The website features a free newsletter where visitors can sign up to learn more information about the HCG diet. There’s also a free BMI calculator promotion that simply requires a name and email address to get stated.

After learning about the power of the HCG diet, visitors may be interested in starting the HCG diet themselves. In that case, the website has links where visitors can purchase HCG diet injections. A 23-day program starts at $299, while a 43-day program is available for $395. After ordering the HCG diet package, visitors fill out a health form and accept a phone consultation from a medical doctor. After that, an HCG diet package should be delivered within days.

About is an HCG diet information website where visitors can learn everything they need to know about the HCG diet. Every HCG diet package ordered through the website also includes a consultation with a personal medical doctor to ensure the diet is safe. For more information, please visit: