Buying an Ozone Generator Can Be a Big Mistake, Says Noai


Grandville, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2013 -- As the word slowly gets out about the value of ozone to kill odors, eliminate mold, and permanently remove pet odors; the question of buying or renting an ozone generator emerges.   Should families, hotels, motels, or spas buy an ozone machine, or not?  The answer is actually pretty simple as a growing number of vendors now promote ozone generators for general use.

Buying an ozone generator before knowing all the facts can be an ill-informed decision.  Regardless of what you have heard to the contrary, ozone should be considered as a professional service rather than a DIY project.  The pitfalls are many.  Let’s start with the fact that every ozone machine will break down.  They are not made for years of use.  Corrosion, bumping, and operational ignorance will cause most ozone generators to end up as expensive dust magnets.

The National Ozone Association reports that there are a number of considerations for the use of an ozone generator that are all-too-often ignored.  Average people are not aware of these, and they cannot be neatly guided with a one-page instruction manual.  Amateur use of ozone generators leads to amateur mistakes and faulty results.

When should you not use an ozone generator?  Where should it placed?  How much is enough (size wise), and how much is too little?  What liabilities can be caused that could turn into a health concern or lawsuit?

The National Ozone Association suggests that any person using an ozone generator take the online training and certification course offered at prior to using an ozone generator.  Hotels and motels, gyms or spas, offices and services with ozone generators should protect the public and their organization by requiring ozone technician training.

Few people realize that ozone generators are failure prone because the life cycle of components are limited, subject to corrosion, and can be compromised by a variety of factors.

The National Ozone Association supports the many uses of ozone for odor removal, sanitizing, mildew and mold remediation, and water treatment.  Ozone is a superior and natural solution for a chemical-laden world.

Companies offering ozone generators are encouraged to demonstrate their credibility by partnering with the National Ozone Association in support of the “Best Practices and Measurement” ozone services.

Rather than buy an ozone generator, the National Ozone Association suggests that renting and leasing the equipment is the better choice.  Services like provide local guidance, upkeep, and proper operational advice that should avoid the dozen of everyday mistakes in the use of ozone generators.  Untrained operation of equipment has caused fires, illness, health concerns, poor results, and lawsuits.  Professionals know their business and will bring superior results.

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