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Buying YouTube Views Will Get You Disqualified for the Silver Play Button


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2019 -- How To Get A Silver Play Button

Getting verified on YouTube requires that you reach 100k subscribers and also that you be a member of the YouTube Partner Program but some users are then denied the badge and the play button and all that goes with it with only a vague reason given that has something to do with the legitimacy of the fan base. Well It is the purchasing of views that destroys the channel. Allow me to explain...

If you ask any seller of this if it's possible to buy 100k subs and be given the button they will tell you it's impossible because the subs do not engage and it's not possible to buy engagement subs. apparently they want us to think that it is the subs that are to blame when it is actually the views they also sell. In fact the views are what keep the business running so they HAVE TO blame the subs but a man named Preston Hudman believes he has uncovered the truth and has explained it in full detail in the video linked at the bottom of this page.

Simply put, the term engagement actually means watch time and so the subscriber you buy are not able to give you any watch time. However that could be cured by simply creating alternate accounts and subscribing them to yourself then looping a playlist 24/7 and that's exactly what Preston Hudman did and what has cause YouTube to make serious changes to the website.

As it turns out there has always been a subscriber watch time metric but it has recently become more pronounced in studio beta. it is the amount of watch time split between those who watched and were subscribed and those who watched but were not subscribed. The average YouTube channel should have anywhere from a 7% to a 40% subscriber watch time percentage but any lower and you are at risk of getting disqualified for the play button when you reach 100k. This is because to make the subscriber watch time percentage go up u must get sub watch time but the more non sub watch time you get the lower it goes so when you buy views and get a ton of NON sub watch time it not only drives the percentage lower but because of the was percentages work it means the more over all time you have on your channel the longer it will take to actually increase and fix.

For example if you have only 4k hours of watch time (enough to join Ypp) then to go from a 0% sub watch time percentage to a 10% it will take a handful of accounts watching videos 24/7, over a month straight! That is what Preston was doing and he was using up to 30 web browsers on one PC to watch videos 24/7. In the case of Preston's previous channel and many people around the world who bought too many views it was impossible to fix and he had to start over. However it gets even worse.

Because YouTube discovered what Preston was doing they actually reacted to it by refusing to let him join the YOUTUBE PARTNER PROGRAM CITING THAT HE HAS DELETED TOO MANY OF HIS OWN VIDEOS AND EVEN THOUGH HIS CHANNEL QUALIFIES APPARENTLY YOU CAN ACTUALLY DELETE TOO MANY OF YOUR OWN VIDEOS AND NOT GET REVIEWED. YouTube announced this publicly and its sad that nobody is paying attention to Mr Hudman. While Preston was kept waiting in the review process indefinitely the developers at YouTube were hard at work making HUGE changes to the website and honestly the entire analytics had to be overhauled.

What they did on February 10th 2019 was stop spam subscribers from producing sub watch time when they watched your videos instead they now produce "unknown watch time" and that is essentially the same thing as non sub watch time at the end of the day and it hurts you just the same. so the strategy that Preston used no longer works and instead of having 30 accounts looping videos now it's down to just 1 per device. That means what would have taken 30 days now takes 6 months and what was going to take 6 months now takes 6 years or who knows... Preston says that any channel with over 1 million minutes of watch time is going to struggle for a long time to fix this and those who have several million mins of watch time have killed there channel by purchasing too many views. The sellers and YouTube/Google are working together. All of this is proven in the video below as well as some of the other videos on that channel. You can go and see Preston's 70k YouTube channel that is being kept out of YPP just so it cant get the play button because they know that he has fixed the right metric and therefor would achieve the reward. YouTube does not want creators to succeed in getting that play button as they have been caught building an entire global scam around it and have booby trapped it all the while convincing the world to go out and rank there videos by getting watch time, thus creating this enormous industry to begin with. Social Media would never be the same after Preston Hudman arrived on YouTube almost 9 years ago back in 2012.

Preston Hudman is a Social Media Marketer and Data Analyst who has investigated Google for the last 4 years but has been active on social media since 2012. He claims that Google is obsessed with him and that he is responsible for literally all the changes made to YouTube since late 2016/ early 2017. Preston is most active on Instagram @prestonhudman Go say hello :)

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