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buyplusonenow.com Shows Marketers How to Buy Google Plus One Votes And Improve Site Ranking


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for high quality google plus one votes buyplusonenow.com is announcing the release of its brand new website, a service that provides google plus one votes for businesses that are looking to increase site rankings in Google.

Lately, Google released the brand new Plus One service which has turned into a very prominent feature of their broadly used internet search engine service. The Google Plus One service provides the customers the benefit of a one click button to see the suggested sites as well to share these pages instantly using their co-workers or buddies.

Google Plus is Google's latest innovation when it comes to gaining page rank and being the number one listed when a person uses the Google search engine. Unfortunately gaining Google Plus Ones can be a difficult thing to achieve in a short amount of time but instead of optimizing the site all the clients can just buy google plus one votes that will allow to gain ranks quickly.

There are two advantages when a client buy google +1 votes: First the site ratings will improve (presuming the site already have or bought google plus one votes) as Google sees this as firsthand proof that the real and actual person has given an individual thumbs up approval of a site, thus making their job in identifying what web pages should rank well for key phrases much simpler.

Secondly is that it will certainly boost traffic. Social proof can encourage people to visit a web site online, and the best thing about Google Plus 1 (especially even though it's still in the early levels) is that not many people are using it effectively yet, therefore even just a few plus one votes may persuade someone to take a look at a site.

Based on research conducted recently, clients are far more prone to trust items or services which are already well-liked by others. This phenomenon is particularly common in decisions to buy, and that's why marketers spend billions each month on famous spokesmen and ladies to back their items.

By purchasing Google Plus One votes, the clients will be showing to Google that the content on the web-site is providing real value to people and not another ‘spam’ site. If the client already is tapping into the power of Facebook, Twitter and Digg, then why not add Google Plus and really set the social media marketing alight.

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