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BuySEOLeads Offering Exclusive SEO Leads, Verified and Guaranteed for 2014 Success.

A great opportunity for SEOs of all walks and experience to expand their client base, but there’s only one way to get these opportunities: while they’re hot.


Radnor, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- (RADNOR, PA) - In the service of search engine positioning a boutique agency has grown quite pleased with its current client base, opting to focus solely on providing the top level of service for their existing customers. Not wishing to expand upon their roster, BuySEOLeads was formed to assist new clientele and other SEO providers alike with a most-profitable form of matchmaking for all parties.

BuySEOLeads is a one of a kind business offering the finest of pre-qualified leads for SEO providers. These leads have been triple-vetted, non-aged, active and exclusive and are ready to roll. Giving new opportunities these leads are from potential clients who have been pitched and have already expressed interest in moving forward with the SEO process. These are legit businesses ranging from legal to landscaping, health clubs to healthcare providers, plumbers to non-profits. BuySEOLeads brings a brand new business model promising to be nothing short of a win-win-win situation.

Not to mention that many of these SEO leads can easily be upsold to Web Design, Reputation Management and PPC leads as these are additional services that go hand-in-hand with the SEO process. Ready for 2014, this is a great opportunity for SEOs of all walks and experience to expand their client base. But there’s only one way to get these opportunities, while they’re hot. These SEO leads are on a first-come, first-serve opportunity as these clients are looking to start their respective campaign as soon as possible.

With BuySEOLeads, SEOs have a fresh new business model and a way to reach out to clients who have already been spoken to at least four times. These leads are exclusive, verified and awaiting a proposal. For more information and inquiries on purchasing these exclusive SEO leads, please visit or call 1.800.262.5023 (EXT: 718) at any time.

About Buy SEO Leads
We have the best SEO leads for sale from Attorneys, Landscapers, Non Profits, Plumbers, Health Clubs, Long Term Care Providers – basically a grab bag full of internet marketing related leads. The leads almost always convert into an up-sell of Web Design Leads, Reputation Management Leads and PPC Leads. Everyone is always interested in additional services.