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Surabaya, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2014 -- review suggests that the Jeff Martin Heartburn No More Program is an effective Natural acid reflux cure and heart burn naturally. Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, more commonly referred to as acid reflux is a disorder is caused due to lower esophageal sphincter weakness and its inefficiency to stop food and acidic stomach juices to flow back up in to the esophagus from the stomach. Most of the treatments available only suppress the symptoms and not cure the issue entirely.

Heartburn No More program has been written with a holistic focus on the issue, Jeff believes that the most important part of how to treat GERD is to understand and treat the root causes that are causing the problem. Jeff is an expert nutritionist and a medical researcher who believes that certain lifestyle changes and nutritional fixes can greatly improve the condition almost immediately. Limiting the intake of certain foods can prevent acid reflux or GERD from ever occurring. He has developed a 5 step system which he claims will cure acid reflux and heartburn permanently within 2 months. Jeff had also suffered from acid reflux and heartburn for more than a decade, his condition prevented him from having a good night’s sleep and uncomfortable during the day. His 5 step method which he shares in his book was developed through trial and error experimentation and research.

Since the release of the Heartburn No More Program more than 150,000 men and women from around the world have successfully treated their condition. On the product website Jeff shared some of his most important success story, one of which is of Roger Molina from New Jersey, Roger writes in his review of Heartburn No More:

“Dear Jeff, I’m a 57-year-old man from New Jersey and I have come across your website completely by accident. I have suffered from acid reflux and Hiatal Hernia for more than a decade and was a Zentic and Tums junkie, yet the pain, especially at night or after a heavy meal, was sometimes so overwhelming I had to take painkillers in addition.” Rogers adds: “I must say your program not only makes sense, it’s a real godsend. In less than 2 weeks, my chest pain and constant burning have gone!”

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Heartburn No More is a ebook written by Jeff Martin about holistic and 5 step natural cures acid reflux, GERD and heartburn.

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