Seo Experts Releases Video Review of Silva Mind Body Healing Program with Information About Free Bonus and Free Starter Kit


Surabaya, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- video review of the popular Silva Mind Body Healing Program suggests that people who wish to lead healthy lives or want to find out about alternate ways to heal their body from diseases should consider the Silva Mind Body Healing Program by Jose Silva. The review also briefs about the free bonuses and free started kit on offer with the purchase of the Silva Healing Program. The Silva Method Healing claims that people using the system can activate the natural, yet powerful healing powers of their brains to improve overall health and wellbeing, the Silva Mind Body Healing website defines the system as an empowering healing system that allows people to unlock their brain’s healing mechanisms, the website reads:

“Millions of people worldwide have found better health with the phenomenon known as mind-body healing. Like you, they know there’s more to holistic wellbeing than conventional medication and procedures. And like you, they know that their health should be in their hands.”

Silva Healing is said to consist of a 3 step scientifically proven approach to mind and body healing. These steps or pillars took over 5 decades to perfect. Creator of the Silva Method, Jose Silva believed that a major percentage of all illnesses are caused by the mind. He also believed that it was the mind that can also reverse such illnesses. The product website educates:

“This was Jose’s foundation for over 44 years of tireless research and experimentation. By working with people who went through his training system, known as The Silva Method, he found he could help them manage and sometimes completely overcome a variety of health problems and symptoms while improving their overall health and wellbeing.”

Jose has also successfully demonstrated the mind’s powers of creating and healing illnesses. The system uses healing mind exercises and meditation. The starter kit video reviewer talks about in his video is said to contain many of the popular and most requested mind healing exercises and meditation techniques that people can use immediately to improve their health. The free bonuses included with the Silva Healing system cover topics such as remote healing, healing touch, holistic healing, positive thought system, perfect sleep system and weight loss system among others. There are total 8 bonus programs on offer for free with the purchase of Silva Mind Body Healing, along with a free starter kit. Watch the video review at:

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