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BuzzFeed Explains How to Make Moving House Easier: Removals London Comments


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2016 -- BuzzFeed recently released a blog giving tips on how to make moving home easier. Moving house can be incredibly straining, that is why being provided with tips such as these can be a huge help for all looking to achieve a successful move.

Tips for Making Moving Easier:

1. It is advised that people pack an overnight bag that contains essentials such as clothes, toiletries and toilet paper. It is also handy to have light bulbs in case the new home doesn't have any bulbs fitted.

2. Make sure you pre-pack your valuables and always label what is in each box; it's also handy to pack similar things together. For example, all bathroom things in one box and label 'bathroom'.

3. Always make sure the fragile things are wrapped in bubble wrap or cloth to ensure their safe during transit and handling.

4. For when you're packing away your plates, it is advised that you pack them away vertically to avoid any damages.

5. Taking a picture of your wiring connected to your electronic equipment can help when you try to reconnect it in your new home.

6. There is no harm in asking for help, whether it is friends or family members, or a removals company which are experienced in this.

A spokesperson from the Removals London was incredibly keen to comment saying, "We think this blog entry is great for people who want to move homes. Moving can be quite daunting to many, especially if it's first time buyers, that is why it is important to research all tips beforehand. If you're thinking of moving homes and want to have a stress-free time then please do not hesitate to call our professional and dedicated team who will be happy to help."

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