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Buzzin' with Kindness: Compelling New Book Uses Power of Creative Writing to Put Vital Stop to Bullying

Written by Dr. Sophia Z. Domogala, ‘Buzzin’ with Kindness’ uses traditional storytelling fused with powerful creative wording to help young minds understand the contrast between a kind and loving attitude versus one blighted by disrespect and aggression. With the author holding a Doctorate in Education, the book is one of only a few anti-bullying resources based on proven scientific concepts and principles.


Eatontown, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- While it may look like a whimsical children’s book with fun characters and stunning imagery, ‘Buzzin’ with Kindness’ has a much bolder goal – to use creative writing as a vehicle to ending bullying. Written by Dr. Sophia Z. Domogala, the diligently-developed book is poised to change the lives of thousands of young people around the country.

Rather than simply telling children not to bully, the book’s passionate narrative aims to catch children’s attention at a vital point in their development; fostering attitudes of kindness, compassion and good character.


The story is about ten bees bullying one another while flying around in Mrs. Busy's classroom. The ten bees are buzzing very loud, shouting at one another, crashing into one another, pushing, shoving, trying to sting the children, and flying around the classroom while Mrs. Busy is teaching. These are not acceptable behaviors. The bees are being rude and are trying to bully one another.

All of a sudden, the bees decide being bullies is wrong. Being bullies to one another is not the correct thing to do. The bees decide to be kind, use kind language to one another, use good manners, be polite, and set a good example for the children. Being bullies set a bad example for the children. Mrs. Busy tells the children to behave nicely to one another. She tells the children they should not push, hurt, shove, or bully one another. They need to be thoughtful, kind, and say "Excuse me" or "I'm sorry". Being a bully is not the correct behavior either in school or outside of school or anywhere. Mrs. Busy tells the children to do their best in school and play together nicely as bullying hurts the feelings of others. Mrs. Busy lets the children know they should use only kind words and their indoor voices, they should be good listeners, and they should not punch, kick, shove, hit, spit, and grab one another.

Bullying hurts others. The ten bees were wrong to hurt one another. No bullying! Bullying others is not an acceptable behavior. Bullying hurts!

As the author explains, a book such as hers is in great demand from society.

“I wrote the children's book because this is a subject dear to my heart. Many children are bullied in day after day in school and out of school. As we have seen on TV news. This is a subject that needs to addressed,” says Dr. Domogala.

Continuing, “A must-read for the children, this book is a treasure to keep. Everyone needs to spread the word and reach out to our children and read the book Buzzin' with Kindness in school. Teachers, parents, administrators, actually all of society needs to reach out to our children to stop bullying. The book is informative. It sets the tone for our children that Bullying is wrong.”

Critics praise the author for the diligent attempts she is taking to change the lives of others. With her book seeing growing demand, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Buzzin' with Kindness’ is available now: http://amzn.to/14xsG3o

About the Author: Dr. Sophia Z. Domogala
Dr. Sophia Z. Domogala, (Doctorate in Education) , grew up in Uniondale, Long Island,attended Uniondale High school, New York and a long time resident of Eatontown, New Jersey for over 40 years. Dr Sophia Z. Domogala. She came to this country at the age of 4 and worked her way up the ladder in her career. A graduate with a Master of Arts degree and a Bachelor’s degree in education from Hofstra University, New York, as well as received her doctorate degree from Nova Southeastern University, Florida, in Educational Leadership. In addition attended Monmouth University, West Long Branch, New Jersey for postgraduate course work in School Law. Served as a banking business consultant and pursued a career in the public education field for twenty years as a special education teacher, elementary school teacher, middle school teacher, principal, and director in the education field. Enjoy the arts, music, theater, traveling, cooking, and enjoys drawing, oil painting, and sketching.

A member of the Who Who in the Stafford and Manchester books as well as Executives Professional Women's Book and Nominated for Presidential Award.