BuzzyBooth Offers Business Owners a New Way to Rapidly Increase Social Media Presence Through Customer Engagement

One company has created an effective new branding photo station for businesses to help market and promote businesses through customer selfies.


New Haven, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2014 -- With a strong social media presence becoming the fastest and most effective way to drive more foot traffic and impact the bottom line, many businesses are turning to BuzzyBooth to help them increase their customer base and fan following online.

Unlike other content management systems currently available, BuzzyBooth’s comprehensive platform works by enticing customers to market businesses directly for the company’s themselves. This is a real departure from virtually every other social media marketing company out there. Long gone are the days of businesses paying for likes, Facebook page promotions, or other ineffective social media marketing schemes that yield marginal returns and annoy their customer base.

BuzzyBooth has curated their system to allow customers to share their photos automatically, while turning them into Facebook fans in seconds. With the current Facebook Algorithm, just one single customer 'like' leads to an average 200+ views from their fans’ friends. The virility of image ‘likes’ is an untapped resource for brands who are liking to drive sales and product familiarity.

“Our studies have shown that customers who like your business are 200% more valuable, 75% more loyal, and 69% more influential. Customers become the marketers, saving businesses hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars a month in hiring outside promotional companies to handle their social media,” states company founders.

Benefits from the branding station including

- An increased customer base and fan following that is purely self-motivated the customers
- 5x’s the social media engagement creating more generated leads and foot traffic
- 10x’s the marketing ROI for average customers
- Most effective and authentic brand advertisement for their business

One business owner, Steven J of QPG, provides an applicable comment about the growing success BuzzyBooth has given his company, stating, "BuzzyBooth is one of the best investments I’ve made for my business. I've had a 15% increase in sales in the last month only.”

About BuzzyBooth
BuzzyBooth acts as social media photo station that allows customers to easily take photos and share on their Facebook in exchange for a like. This works as a platform that helps businesses and brands turn their current customers into brand advocates. This is ideal for businesses like cafes, restaurants, bowling alleys, skating rinks, boutiques, and food trucks. The company also offers several pricing plan options for clients of any budget, and now for a limited time BuzzyBooth is offering businesses who sign up their first month free as a way to say ‘thank you’. The company focuses on making real engagement for its brands that is proven to directly lead to increased sales and exposure.

For more information regarding BuzzyBooth, individuals are encouraged to contact the company via email at To learn more about BuzzyBooth or to review their exclusive pricing plans, please visit: