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BV - Secret Cure Revealed


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- Bacterial Vaginosis is the number one occurring vaginal infection in women of child-bearing age, with more than 15% of pregnant women developing the condition. Bacterial Vaginosis is a bacterial imbalance; in healthy conditions, the vagina contains mostly healthy bacteria. BV infection occurs when the bad bacteria outweighs the good.

BV symptoms can include itching around the vagina exterior, a burning sensation, and smelly discharge. However, most women with BV infection report no signs or symptoms whatsoever, and most cases simply clear up on their own. Women with BV symptoms, particularly pregnant women, should seek treatment. But which treatment is most effective? Read on to find out.

How Bacterial Vaginosis is contracted remains largely unknown, but certain activities can cause a bacterial imbalance in the vagina, thereby putting women at increased risk for developing it; these include douching and multiple sexual partners.

Studies indicate Bacterial Vaginosis appears to compromise the body’s immune system, thereby also putting a woman at greater health risk for pregnancy complications and diseases such as STDs, including herpes, gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

With little known about home remedies for BV, women commonly seek standard medical treatment, with antibiotics prescribed. However, studies prove that antibiotics do not ensure permanent cure. In fact, 77% of women who’ve had Bacteria Vaginitis cured with antibiotics have seen the condition return, including embarrassing symptoms such as smelly discharge.

Research beyond standard treatment reveals several home remedies for BV, few of which show promise. One home remedy, however, discovered and developed by longtime Bacterial Vaginosis sufferer Kristin Tomlin, appears to offer a permanent cure unmatched by both the medical field and other home remedies for BV. When asked why she sought to cure Bacterial Vaginosis on her own Tomlin said, “I got so frustrated with the advice of my doctor I decided to find my own solution.” Her discovery, a simple and inexpensive 3-step method, seems to have forever cured her Bacterial Vaginitis in just 3 days, with similar results for many other sufferers who followed her advice, as several testimonies proclaim.

If you suffer with irritating and embarrassing BV symptoms, such as itching and smelly discharge, and seek a quick, inexpensive and permanent cure, check out this promising solution today.

About Kristin Tomlin
Kristin Tomlin was a Bacterial Vaginosis sufferer for many years, until the inability of her doctor to cure her helped her realize that a cure didn’t exist. Frustrated with her BV symptoms and determined to find a solution on her own, Kristin stumbled across a secret that cured her BV infection and forever changed her life. Now she’s helping other women get cured forever.

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