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By Purchasing a Well-Made Wetsuit, a Surfer Will Stay Warm in the Water for Years to Come. Whereas a Poorly Made Suit Will Fall Apart Quickly Wasting a Buyer's Money

By purchasing a well-made wetsuit, a surfer will stay warm in the water for years to come. Whereas a poorly made suit will fall apart quickly wasting a buyer's money.


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- As reported by the Florida Times, surfers struggle to stay warm when wearing low quality wetsuits. The biggest problem for a wetsuit buyer is that they are unaware of a bad purchase until the suit is no longer returnable. Though a suit may be designed with durable material, it is often the lack of proper stitching that brings down the value and lifespan. Wet suits must be well designed from head to toe. If a suit is not properly constructed, it will leak in water. An easy way to check for potential leaks is by stretching a flat-stitched suit in front of a bright light, this process will reveal any holes letting in water. Flatlock stitching is a process that involves laying one panel of stitching over the edge of another panel, then stitching the two panels together through the neoprene (wetsuit material). This particular type of stitching is favorable for being flexible and strong.

High quality, durable wetsuits have a welded or fluid beaded seam to seal in warmth while in the water. These suits are sealed with wetsuit tape, glue or blind-stitching and while they are more expensive, they are more dependable. Blind-stitching follows the same process as flatlock stitching with one exception. The stitch in Blind-stitching is reinforced with waterproof glue. Suits such as Hurley's $145, Icon 302 Men's Zip is designed with, precision point welding, to increase durability in high stress areas. This helps to avoid any leaks, rips or other wear and tear. O'Neil's “Epic,” which also sells for around $145 is a reliable and comfortable suit that is guaranteed to keep your body warm while engaging in freezing water.

A well-made wetsuit should last for several years without becoming worn in or stretched out. Additionally zippers or any form of closure on a suit should be properly implemented. More expensive suits have better zipper designs; this assures the wearer that leaks will be prevented.

Always keep in mind that it is not enough to simply purchase a durable suit, it is also important that you properly take care of a wetsuit. After every surf session, rinse your wetsuit out in the shower and hang it in a well shaded spot to dry. If possible spray the suit once a week with a pure silicone spray; this will contribute to a long-lasting suit by preventing it from drying out. If taken care of, a suit should last for several years to come. Don't waste any more time or money, purchase a well -made wetsuit today.

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