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C. R. Thompson Announces New Tips on How to Check the Roof This Spring for Winter Damage


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- C. R. Thompson announces new tips for how to check the roof this spring for winter damages. Spring is here whether Mother Nature likes it or not, and homeowners will begin to merge outdoors and see what damage has been done this winter in the Philadelphia and Bucks County region. The professional contractors at C.R. Thompson Roofing first recommend scanning the rooftops to see if any shingles may be missing, cracked, or even warped over the cold season.

Most roofs should be replaced about every twenty years, and the spring is the perfect time to assess any damage that has accrued over time. Along with spring cleaning, it is important not to disregard the outside of the home, let alone the roof. As many homeowners tend to open the windows, and clean from top to bottom, the contractors at C.R. Thompson will be there to take care of any structural damage to the home. They understand that most homeowners will need a professional when it comes to repairs and replacements for a roof, and they can’t stress enough how important it is for these issues not to go overlooked.

Any prolonged damages can cause serious issues to the homes structure that may include roofing leaks into the attic or down the walls, making it vital to contact C.R. Thompson immediately. The contractors at C.R. Thompson want to let homeowners know this spring that although some roofing problems can be seen with the naked eye, others may not be detected until after the roof is off. This makes it extremely important for homeowners to be aware of any leaking ceilings or attics inside the home. With that in mind, the contractors will be sure to assess the roof entirely and diagnose any issues that they see pressing this spring 2013 season. Contact C. R. Thompson today to get a jump-start on the spring cleaning.

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C.R. Thompson is honored to be a preferred roofing company in Philly and Bucks County. They are dedicated to providing full service roofing needs and guarantee that every project is up to the homeowner’s satisfaction. For those who are unfamiliar with roofing materials can be rest assured that the C.R. Thompson roofing professionals will recommend the most appropriate roofing material for one’s home. They strive to go above and beyond any other roofing services, allowing homeowners to trust them with their roofing requirements.

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