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C. R. Thompson Has Just Announced New Summer Maintenance Tips for Roofs


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- It is hard to believe, but Memorial Day and the Fourth of July have already passed. Although it seems like the summer is flying by, there are still a lot of harsh conditions lying ahead. In fact, July and August are typically the hottest summer months. Increased humidity and sweltering heat often lead to powerful thunderstorms. Debris is often an unwanted consequence during summer thunderstorms. Furthermore, the heat leaves roofs more susceptible to damage. Thankfully, C.R. Thompson is always available for emergency service. Now, C.R. Thompson is offering up some new maintenance tips during the summer months.

Extreme heat can cause certain damages to a roof. Regardless of the roofing material, excessive heat can make a roof more susceptible to damage. Sometimes, particularly with asphalt shingles, high temperatures will cause the granules to loosen. Inevitably, summer storms will occur. The thunderstorms of the summer are needed in order to combat the droughts and extreme heat. Unfortunately, by nature, the violent thunderstorms can cause a great deal of destruction. Even if a roof appears to be undamaged after a strong storm, there is a strong possibility of debris.

C.R. Thompson recommends a thorough inspection of one’s roof after a significant storm. However, if a property owner doesn’t feel comfortable or doesn’t have the proper equipment; C.R. Thompson is more than happy to help inspect a customer’s roof. Another tip for summer maintenance is to be aware of the time of day. Most roof inspections should be conducted early in the morning before temperatures reach peak conditions. C.R. Thompson has been leading the way in Philly roofing for quite some time. Plus, those looking for roofing in Bucks County, can give C.R. Thompson a call anytime. For those who are interested in hearing more about the company they can also visit their website for more information on their services available throughout Eastern PA.

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