C. S. Lewis Institute

C. S. Lewis Institute Invites Individuals to Begin a Year Dedicated to Prayer


McLean, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2019 -- The C.S. Lewis Institute provides numerous resources on prayer to assist anyone who wants to learn more about the spiritual discipline or practice it on a daily basis.

The Institute's spiritual discipline resources, including those on prayer, are available online and via the C.S. Lewis Institute mobile app for iPhone or Android at any time. Individuals can begin their prayer journey now or at any time during the year, but for those who are considering a spiritual goal for 2019, the Institute provides plenty of resources to support a goal of increased prayer.

Individuals can view videos to learn more about prayer and what the Bible says on this subject. The Institute offers a video of D.C. Washington singing the Lord's Prayer from Scripture as the powerful opening to a fundraising event, or users can opt for a video that inspires quiet time with God and prayerful meditation.

For more information or direction on the act of prayer itself, individuals can access a number of articles on the subject. Some articles offered by the Institute cover the reasons prayer is important in the life of a believer and how prayer helps Christians grow. Others discuss the methodology of prayer, including information from the Bible on how people should pray. Some articles delve into the prayer life of C.S. Lewis himself. Users can also access audio recordings of sermons and podcasts via the Institute website, and many of those are dedicated to or touch on the subject of prayer.

For individuals who want to dig even deeper into this topic, the C.S. Lewis Institute provides recommendations and links to books on prayer. Some include Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God by Timothy Keller and What Difference Does Prayer Make? by Paul Miller.

The C.S. Lewis Institute's discipleship resources, including some on prayer, are available in small-group formats, so they can be used in Sunday school, Bible study and other group studies of God and his Word.

Individuals interested in learning more about prayer or making it a bigger part of their lives are invited to make use of all the resources offered for free by the C.S. Lewis Institute. The Institute provides enough material to support a year of delving deeply into prayer, or individuals can also make a study of prayer part of an overall discipleship study. They'll find resources to support a variety of topics on the Institute's website.