Seo Experts Offers Cabin Bed Designs for Modern Box Rooms


Bridgwater, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2014 -- An innovative young company has found a way to maximise space in new-build house box rooms. Cabin Beds 4 U specialises in cabin beds that are designed to make the best use of space in modern houses, and are suitable for children of all ages.

The rooms in many new build houses, especially box rooms for children, are small at the best of times and seem to be getting smaller. New start-up company Cabin Beds 4 U, has brought out a range of beds that combine cleverly designed beds with plenty of extra storage space so children will have more room again.

They have also launched a new, easy to use, website where the beds can be ordered online, with free delivery on orders over £300. A Cabin Beds 4 U spokesperson said the company is meeting a definite need in the market and that kids, as well as parents, will love their products. He added: "Our cabin beds offer a solution to the otherwise cramped box room space you find in most new build houses these days. Kids of all ages love the beds and parents love the extra space they provide, as well as how the beds help to keep small rooms organised and tidy."

The cabin beds come in three main size options. Low sleepers are ideal for young children who will find it easy to get in and out of bed, while mid sleepers are more raised, have great storage space, and are designed for children aged six plus. High sleepers are designed for older children and teenagers. Thanks to the generous storage space, these are practically whole bedroom units in one.

Sturdily built from quality materials, these versatile cabin beds are contemporary designs that will appeal to all age groups and provide the perfect bedroom solution, whenever space is at a premium.

About Cabin Beds 4 U
Cabin Beds 4 U is a specialist cabin bed supplier that offers a huge range of cabin beds to suit all your family's needs. Cabin beds combine great design with extra space and storage, and make your child feel like bedtime is fun!

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