Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc. (CMC)

Carr MFG Quality Certification Renewed by Internationally Recognized Standard

The annual ISO 9001 certification audit took place last month


Foothill Ranch, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2012 -- In the world of business, ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized standard for quality management, and it covers the processes which are used to create and control services and products, prescribes regular control of activities to make sure customers’ needs are met, and is versatile enough that it applies to any service or product anywhere around the globe. Carr MFG recently passed the annual certification audit and is proud to be able to offer customers quality-guaranteed products for their seventh year in business. Click on the link for more information on cable assembly.

To receive an ISO 9001 certification, a business must first receive ISO 9001 training, to be sure that the processes and employees are able to manage quality in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Once training is complete and the requirements of ISO 9001 are met, an external audit is carried out by a neutral third-party-accredited certification body. During certification, the third party will thoroughly investigate the company’s evaluation of quality, to determine whether its targets are measurable and achievable. The executives at Carr MFG say they are excited their certification has been renewed, because the standards are quite strict. Click on the link for more information for an electronic contract.

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About Carr MFG
Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a woman-owned corporation based in sunny Southern California that was founded in 2006. Today, it manufactures and assembles custom assembly solutions and focuses on offering OEM’s a domestic manufacturing partner, and CMC custom- assembled solutions for industries ranging from Telecommunications to Aerospace. Carr MFG streamlined their manufacturing process in 2010, to better serve customers individually, and are known for their dedication to customer satisfaction.