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Cable Companies in My Area Publishes New News on Cable Competition

Cable Companies In My Area has published new editorials the latest cable TV news, including new developments from Intel and Google.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- Cable TV is a wonderful thing, offering people premium channels with amazing content, including some of the most water-cooler dominating shows like Game of Thrones, Homeland and more. Cable TV also still currently offers the most channels for the best value, including on demand services. Cable Companies In My Area is a website dedicated to helping people find information on the best deals they can get from major providers. It also distributes the latest news affecting the industry to arm individuals with a broader context for their decisions with new editorials just published updating consumers on the latest moves by Google and Intel.

The site includes reviews of cable packages from Time Warner, XFinity, Cox Cable and Charter Cable among many others, and allows users to call direct to make a deal. As such, whether users are simply looking for the Comcast telephone number or are looking for the best cable companies in New York, they can find either easily.

Their latest news items include the most recent developments on Google Fiber increasing competition and forcing companies to offer better services to existing users in order to retain them, and Intel getting into the set-top box game making it worthwhile waiting to see who provides the best next generation systems.

A spokesperson for Cable Companies In My Area explained, “Our commitment will always be first and foremost to helping visitors to the site find the best cable deal in their territory, which is a cause of some concern for customers after the territorial tactics of major cable providers were revealed on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, among growing fears over net neutrality. We realize that current events like these do affect the best deals people can get, so we help them stay ahead of events by posting relevant news, as well as great price comparison tools and deals. The result is that people have all the information they need not only to make the right decision for now, but for the full term of their contract.”

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